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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 15:07

Este es Towards Victory match

Este es Towards Victory match
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Bekir Sıtkı Eskişehirp Press Spokesman and Technical Vice President Mehmet Akman Saddler, held a press conference at Ataturk Stadium.

Eskişehir news: Bekir Sıtkı Eskişehirp Press Spokesman and Technical Vice President Mehmet Akman Saddler, held a press conference at Ataturk Stadium. Begin
Sıtkı Saddler, was evaluated Trabzonspor match last week. Sarac,"There was this defeat us in our account, but in previous years we have suffered some accidents of this type of match was extremely sad that these things in the nature of football,"he said.
an accident with a goal defeated when that expresses Sarac,"our team, played football, player of our extremely pleased, but in football you have this it we road accident say. This defeats our goal a change in our cause will not be. absolute end of the year Eskişehirp is , will go to Europe. has to compensate for this match,"he said.
in front of FC match is Saying,"Fields play in our future this match scot we skip hope, so points on the timeline out a bit more we could be,"he said.
MANAGEMENT FAN will follow up
Management of a decision taken by FC match in the Eskişehirp Chairman Mesut Hoşcan all non-management staff open bleachers with fans watching the match explaining how Saddler, said:
"this show for is not an act. Eskişehirp fans from the Eskişehirp management a big boost to have. The board's most already fans came from one of them, show that we are with them, the excitement live and now ready to get the punters will be together."
Finally, ticket prices Referring Saddler"There is no change in prices, the bleachers 15, soldier 30, 1965'li 50, 75, 100, Vip 100, V ip B 75, V ip C and D 50 liras. Our tickets on November 27 from the sale will be available. Biletix can be purchased from. Eskişehirpor a severe form of crowd support needs. Eskişehirp supporters grew up with and has become a myth. Eskişehirp legend is a team fans like him is legendary. these cores in the same way fans are waiting for.
Technical Vice President Mehmet Akman said:
"Trabzonspor match the required review was made These boilers do not think that's too often. This of course was very upset us, but no deviation in the target. We met Tariq, from teacher should the organization and the need from his teammates and the fans were very pleased with both, do not go thinking said. But of course there are expectations from the financial aspect. Meanwhile stayed very little difference, to retrieve a document currently went abroad, I hope, will remove from our agenda this week, the topic of agriculture. Teams are aware of the lack of, are making it necessary for our work, for areas of need are doing the necessary work. During the break, if deemed necessary, our teacher, our work will do."

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