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  • 26 Ekim 2014, Pazar 11:36

Estp'from'Winter Time'Application to the Critique

Estp'from'Winter Time'Application to the Critique
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ESTP Chairman Mustafa safe, \"Winter time application is not saving , which means more energy consumption on the contrary, \"he said.

Erzurum news: ESTP Chairman Mustafa safe, \"Winter time application is not saving , which means more energy consumption on the contrary, \"he said. Photo Erzurum Civil Society Platform ( ESTP ) President A. Mustafa Secure, said clocks forward and withdrawn from the executing summer and winter time by now it should be abandoned . Photo Energy saving for years conducted in summer and winter time on the grounds of a response came from the Erzurum Civil Society platform. ESTP Chairman Mustafa A. Safe, not saving the application , argued that on the contrary increase the energy consumption . The practice carried out by the method of one hour back and forth taking the time it is actually full of contradictions highlight Mustafa safe, \"winter has already meant to extend a that long night hours, which means more energy consumption for one hour ,\"he said.
< Strong> SAVE NOT CONSUMPTION oF SUCH Photo Safe, everyday life by taking back the clocks an emphasis shall be begun an hour earlier , \"winter days that we should start an hour earlier , saving does not mean . as the day because that energy consumption has already said because of the light , this shortened method daylight hours , and the hours of the night , lying going on , \"he said .
he thought would slow down the daily lives of the evening occurs, but the situation contrary to beliefs at all noted that it is not safe, \"The day is starting to be early , but especially in government offices, in all institutions and organizations to be able to continue working lights continue to be burned. so that ; even elementary school students can leave the school after the air completely dark . In summary ; the mean occurs early evening , an hour earlier and energy consumption as well as the means to begin intensively . This general sense and energy , as well as means heating costs , \"he said.
< Strong> THIS APPLICATION should ESSENTIAL in recent years in favor of forgoing the Photo aforementioned practice safe reminding made ​​in a number of initiatives , \"for some reason could not be any concrete step in this regard . Whereas this practice in many countries around the world , we also have reasons that we have given up close . Turkey also may be one of these countries. So completely is necessary steps taken to eliminate the practice after the issue back on the agenda of the transition to daylight saving time and hence transporting . Because of our type we only practice will benefit both winter is daylight saving time , \"he said .

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