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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 21:53

EU Minister Bagis:St. Syrian decision. Petersburg will become clearer

EU Minister Bagis:St. Syrian decision. Petersburg will become clearer
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EU Minister Egemen Bagis said:"The decision on Syria St.

Petersburg predict more will become clear."he said.

EU Minister Egemen Bagis, the Parliament Opening of the Legal Year's Reception answered questions from journalists. donation, questions relating to the possible intervention in Syria ,"Mr. Obama made a strategic move. G-20 summit before the Republican House majority in their own country and its allies, and other leaders of the G-20, as well as the bloody dictator of Syria has made a move to direct killing one more time positions. I have a decision on Syria St. Petersburg predict that more will become clear."He said.

a journalist,"How do you evaluate the attitude of France? First and foremost, the United States, England, France, Turkey, perhaps that would make this intervention, but one by one Avurpa four coalition countries have taken a step back."Donate to the question,"All the leaders of the G-20 summit of the countries will be counted and the UN Security Council, al-Assad hosted by the very regime that protects the country. There is a common approach to all of these countries can be convinced that Mr. Putin have been resorted to an intermediate option agreement on the formula, I think."Replied.

Donation said:"O If such a thing because, Mr. Obama wants the American Congress will decide. President of the American Congress of the international public opinion, even during periods of intense political decompositions clamped behind the counter. The tradition of American politics, especially the red line, which is a common use of chemical weapons by all parties, and not to remain inert in the face of an attack requires progressing to the murder of the baby."

Donation, From the descriptions, the leaders said that all options are on the table saying.

EU Minister Bagis:St. Syrian decision. Petersburg will become clearer" comments for.


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