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  • 07 Mayıs 2014, Çarşamba 17:40

Eurasia's Largest Air Conditioning Trade Fair Start

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Air-conditioning and plumbing industry bringing together of the world's largest trade fair ISK-SODEX 2014 , started in Istanbul .

Air-conditioning and plumbing industry bringing together of the world's largest trade fair ISK-SODEX 2014 , started in Istanbul . Fair this year, 100 thousand people are expected to visit .
world's 3rd largest in Turkey , the largest HVAC \u0026 R Industry meetings International Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Insulation, Pumps, Valves , Fittings , Water Treatment and Solar Energy Systems Expo ( ISK-SODEX 2014 ) began.
Trade attended the opening of the Ministry of Economy Deputy Secretary Tariq Sonmez, \"Design and branding machinery manufacturing sector's main export items forming one of the air conditioning sector of our exports of high value-added to be stable and to grow a very important place poses. country's air-conditioning sector position to assure sustainable behalf of our young colleagues, the potential to uncover opportunities that events we Ministry of Economy as support're trying to give , \"he said .
in 2012 at the fair held $ 1.2 billion business connections provided indicating that the Hannover-Messe Sodex fair Board Vice President and General If Manager Murat Demirtas , \"the air we breathe every minute of our lives we bring them to a trade show where the devices here . Will be held on May 7 to 10 . Also here draws our visitors with air conditioning , boiler and commercial vehicles will give. Fair competition have made within the two categories . One of these students held a contest to promote environmental awareness in . We have received four thousand applicants from all over Turkey . We also have made a design competition between universities .
Summer ahead of us . Those wishing to have their home air conditioning can see all the products here . Quality and price can compare with each other . This is a huge market , with lots of new encounter fair welcome everyone ,''he said .
Conditioning and Refrigeration Manufacturers Association ( ISKID ) Chairman Naci Şahin fair two years later reopen grateful for , said:\"Industry and trade fairs each other feeding has developed . since 2005 sector R \u0026 D activities in the development of it in an effective university-industry cooperation has been over . Firms per cent of turnover from 3 to 5 percent on R \u0026 D by separating the continuous development aims at achieving''he said .
Air Conditioning Industry Exporters'Union ( Isibindi ) Chairman Zeki Poyrazlar the \"fair one of our industry is very important . An international trade fair . ISK-SODEX fair as we Isibindi from 90 countries have brought more than 200 visitors . Our guests here purchases will do , we of our country to export more you will be provided , \"he said .
Fair's air-conditioning industry a huge success stressed that the Turkish Sanitary Engineers Association ( TTMD ) Chairman Bahri Turkmen \"Today's show air conditioning sector, a great deal of is a success . 15-20 years ago, a small group that will compete with the leading countries of the world today have become. The award ceremony was also enlivened the fair . We have participated in trade fairs abroad for years . Find this exhibition there will be a fuar.misafir are waiting for our quality ,''he said .
ISK-SODEX 2014 two major competitions this year's awards ceremony was hosted at . \"Problems Caused by Global Warming , Climate Change and Environmental Effects \"drawing contest were announced at the awards in two categories . 5-10 age range category Mersin Necdet Ülger Elementary School Ali Ibrahim Ekinci, 11-16 age range in the category Ankara Atatürk Secondary School student Ezgi Gürbudak first place was awarded .
Air Conditioning Industry Exporters'Union organized by the \"Air Conditioning Industrial Design and Implementation competition \"25 thousand first prize in the'Flexible Body and Lighting Function Fan'design Teberda the Gürbey it was.
838 companies with the participation of Yesilköy in Istanbul Fair Center in 11 halls and 55 thousand square meters in place ISK-SODEX Exhibition can be visited until May 10 to Saturday evening . In 2012, 80 thousand people attended the fair this year as domestic and foreign visitors are expected to nearly 100 thousand people .

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