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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 17:43

Events After the Kopani Walking Nisibin Output

Events After the Kopani Walking Nisibin Output
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In Mardin Nusaybin , walking Kobani'yi made ​​after the events in order to support output.

Mardin news: Photo including Nusaybin Municipal Co-Chairman Cengiz Root , DBP District Co-Chairs Zinette Algan and Sehabettin Güler also that group DBP in front of the county building, collecting , another group came together in a charming boulevard, walked up to the Mitanni Cultural Center. Groups came together in the Mitanni Cultural Centre asked to close to traffic the international Silk Road. Police teams let go of the Group's Silk Road , Ages Ages Street gas and pepper in a group intervened with pressurized water . Stones at the police YDG-H members between the groups , with fireworks and petrol bombs attacked . Photo POLICE OPENED FIRE WEATHER WARNING Photo Bronze Street, the Silk Road to the YDG-H is a member of a group tools made ​​by stopping identity check. Riot police arrived in the region , the group covering the Silk Road has intervened with tear gas . The intervention of the police fired warning shots into the air from time to time that led to the disintegration of the group Silk Road was opened to traffic again .
Meanwhile, collect garbage containers in the walk before the central business district of Nusaybin police machine. Continuing tension in the district .

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