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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Eylül 2014, Cumartesi 10:57

Every year 15 thousand people caught diseases

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Asian Nöroonkoloj Speaking at the Congress-asno 2014 health conference , Prof.

Asian Nöroonkoloj Speaking at the Congress-asno 2014 health conference , Prof. Dr. Turkey's Sword, brain and spinal cord tumors related to his illness , \"Every year, about 15 thousand people, with their families , in total each year 100 thousand people with the disease in a manner directly or indirectly captured can say that ,\"he said .
This year 11 of ¼ \"Asia-asno Nöroonkoloj Congress 2014 \", held in Istanbul between the dates of September 11 to 14 . Speaking at the opening of Congress Congress President Prof. Dr. Turkey's Sword, Nöroonkoloj spoke about the team . Professor Sword in Turkey every year 100 thousand people, about 20 thousand people with this disease are exposed , said said:
\"These figures Considering our country in this regard are no statistics , but this by calculation each year about 15 thousand people with their families in total, the new every year 100 thousand people with the disease in a manner directly or indirectly captured can say that . such nöroonkolojik tumor disease is caught the treatment of people take years could Assuming or a significant portion , at least 50 percent of a successful treatment result in assuming that our country about 150 to 200 thousand for these diseases directly caught , healing resulted in treatment or ongoing people can say that . \"
\" tREATMENT tO BE USED IN TECHNOLOGICAL EQUIPMENT tO THE ENTIRE hAVE \"< br/> treatment of these diseases cost our economy about $ 1 billion per year stated that the Professor Dr. Sword, from this perspective , Turkey's foreign debt to be paid within one year ahead about one in 200 drew attention spent on the treatment of brain tumors . Turkey in the treatment of brain tumors , indicating that with all the technological equipment of Prof. Dr. Sword, \"a scientifically Looking nöroonkolojik tumors information produced in our country among the top 10 . Country's economy, the world's 17th largest economy, considering that brain surgery in the first 10 to be in the country's economy than the eventual success of that exhibit shows,\"he said.

also started to use complementary methods other than surgery stating that Prof. Dr. Sword , drew attention in particular to the use of radiation therapy . Sword, said:
\"Meningiomas In surgery other than the complementary therapies increasingly agenda that we see . Example, Gamma Knife and CyberKnife as a focused beam of surgery for meningioma surgery more than the introduction realize that . These significant developments in one of the . pituitary adenomas as for example, prolactinoma , such as prolactin, allowing adenomas now in both the surgery and the radiation surgery is not used primarily to drug therapy such product treatment is taking place we see and prolactinoma other than the pituitary adenomas ray surgery and micro-surgery , sometimes one , sometimes before the other , including when used in combination superior results obtained we know that . Hence thereof patient lives either directly or indirectly, approximately at least 200 thousand people concerning this issue new developments in many of the cases, the focus may be . \"
the leading scientist in ADAM has met
Asia-asno 2014 Nöroonkoloj Congress Honorary President Prof. Dr. Aksoy leading scientists in the field of rock asno 2014 Congress met in Istanbul for , he said. Professor Dr. Al conversation continued as follows:
\"At the moment on the most discussed being or that change is the fastest one of the areas of the brain itself, arising from the low-grade glioma that we call disease group. Secondly brain benign neoplasm of the meningioma which is called neoplasms . Most more emerging areas one and the other part of the brain that pituitary tumors . we every day this rapid development seen 3 different diseases have given . these three major diseases in the area in recent years, resulting generation of new information into clinical practice in what way has changed the technological innovations treatment What kind contributions to provide new production of scientific publications in the clinic the patient's treatment to what extent that they contribute will be discussed . these areas in the world scientific locomotives with over 80 scientists and their experiences as well as future expectations will discuss . course of this meeting in our country is being done nöroonkoloj in the field in our country, roughly 8-10 thousand of health personnel work Assuming that all these multidisciplinary approaches this information to coordinate to provide us . \"
\" COMMON tumor bank should be established \"
Harvard University Genetics and Molekülerbiyoloj the Head of Department Dr. Charles Stiles is working on a high-grade gliomas expressed such that the surgeon can not reach places that spread very quickly , and they can not be removed completely stressed. Professor Dr. Stiles could not do anything more in this type of radiation also does not work , noting that influence tumor , which does not harm healthy tissue trying to develop smart drugs , he said. Genetic profile of this disease is needed to bring more examples , in big cities like Istanbul the establishment of a common tumor bank would be useful for genetic studies can be done Prof expression Dr. Stiles told us that partnerships in education .
Used in operating room technology that improves Mar retired Professor from Harvard University Dr. Peter Black a \"brain tumor mean a death sentence is not. Than half are benign. Important thing when treated program is going . Malignant even in the early diagnosis is important,\" tumor in the intelligent treatment stressed the importance Prof. Dr. Black , affecting only harmful tissue intelligent chemotherapy , surgery intelligent and smart drug therapy should be focused on , he said. Black , \"Brain tumors weak point're trying to find . Intelligent drugs weak points to attack aim ,\"he said .
Syrian residents , CONGRESS OF 3 DAYS could reach
of the Congress participants Syrian Fakhr Fakhouri an arduous journey as a result of attending the congress able to express the difficulties experienced by said:
\"this conference over the Internet heard , Turkey neighbors of our countries because the country in my education began to weaken because coming here I really wanted to . because develop myself I need to . Turkey's neurosurgical developments in the field heard , but after arriving I saw here in this area is really huge, amazing technology is advanced . Syria professors flee the daily lives could not live're going for this reason I this conference myself a part of something to add I wanted . effort it took 3 days to get here , before I had to take the bus from Syria , but the road there was a problem and then take a taxi cab so we had to come your way too much . Eventually we reached the border , then I had to walk a bit and were able to come to Lebanon . We came from Lebanon to Beirut , I came here to Adana another vehicle . Could come from Adana to Istanbul . So, to swim and to ride the train , we used all means of transportation outside . \"

Every year 15 thousand people caught diseases" comments for.


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