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  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 17:40

Exam Stress is an aging our hearts

Exam Stress is an aging our hearts
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Turkey's Hospital and Cardiovascular Surgery Abbasoğlu Jafar from doctors , exam stress the heart of the young people said that aging .

İstanbul news: Turkey's Hospital and Cardiovascular Surgery Abbasoğlu Jafar from doctors , exam stress the heart of the young people said that aging .
of the examination system in Turkey is an amazing stress on children and young people create an atmosphere that emphasizes Abbasoğlu , it adversely affects the cardiovascular years , he said. Each exam period, the children of the vessel to the age of 5 years has added stating Abbasoğlu , \"Each exam period, children's vascular age 5 years adds. Reached age 18 , and at least two examiners who have undergone a teenager's heart age, being added on an average of 7 years, along with at least 25 going on \"he said .
Abbasoğlu physical age of a healthy life until the age of vessels is the golden key , he said. In recent years, bone age , the ovaries age, skin ages as well as many of the term emerged that Abbasoğlu quality of life rise on behalf of the heart and vascular age of human life the most important one of the parts become stressed.
DR . Abbasoğlu heart and vascular age beginning in the following manner explained:\"A newborn baby's heart and vascular age, physical age is the same. So 0 However, from age 1 to nutrition and lifestyle , depending on the physical age, cardiovascular age differentiation begins . \"
in this case, the calendar age and cardiovascular years of progress together emphasize that the Abbasoğlu , \"People must abstain factors , unfortunately, cardiovascular age is carrying forward . Persons 1 from the age of the heart and vascular age grew rapidly physical age decades surpass . example, smoking heart vessel age 15 , exam stress 5 , obesity and a 30-year cardiovascular age is advancing . this is the case of 7-8 year-old obese child's arteries to the age of 38 can be , \"he said .
Give examples where detailed information about that Abbasoğlu smoker people's calendars they are at least 15 years of age older has underlined the need to know . \"20 years , 1 pack a day smoker , a person is shorter than 5-10 years of life should certainly know . \"he Abbasoğlu , more drinkers in the people who this period up to 15 years of space drew attention to .
smoking , as well as improper diet also cardiovascular years forward takes one important factor indicating that the Abbasoğlu , \"unhealthy diet on cardiovascular age 30 years onward can take you far . these so 7-8 years obesity was diagnosed a child's cardiovascular age 30 is found by adding these in 38 years corresponds to . because due to obesity in the arterial wall hardening of the arteries which is the start lubrication plates can begin , \"he said .
your child in future years, any problems for the better 0-1 years from keeping them under control stated that the Abbasoğlu , within the first year is particularly special food not to use said.
\"7-15 years old children fastfood eating style is definitely far must be kept . children from the age of 10 should gain healthy eating habits , should be taught the dangers of fast food , \"he Abbasoğlu , up healthy eating habits for the children to play sports has emphasized the importance .

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