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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 13:39

Example Behavior from the Disabled Association

Example Behavior from the Disabled Association
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Nigde Turkey Disabled Association Branch, has signed an exemplary behavior.

Niğde news: Photo standing Disabled Association Nigde branch with help from various institutions did Gazi primary school in tepit they own school bags to students'needs and clothing assistance . Photo Gazi primary school Speaking at the distribution ceremony Provincial Education Director Halil İbrahim Yaşar , \"Less that gives cordially recalling the many malt that gives the Sayings wanted to be an example to other institutions of this behavior. in the Photo Manager Yasar speech, \"they admitted us Nigde Turkey branch of the Disabled Association . We will distribute at least some help in a primary school said, Veterans us we see fit . By identifying needy students of our school , they want to give a support manager . Which gives less cordially , he gives very good by giving , our association has made b kind of help injured , I want to be an example to our other institutions and businesses. Help will help an organization gives so I congratulate them . Perhaps a symbolic help but be an example to other institutions and needy delights our people get a little bit , \"he said . The hardworking President Songül Association Photo injured , so far always in need found in the village school is the first of this aid by highlighting that they received help as an association to students also said they found this type of help and support. in continuation of President Songül Photo Hardworking speech , \"We were doing the B type of assistance to our village school. So far all we have gotten help . Maybe you see on the street in the market for people with disabilities gather help sell magazines we do not accept them . Disabled does not want , do not beg for people with disabilities. Help volunteer work, help in any way wholeheartedly reach a place , we wanted to show it off. We have a member of Veterans itself were identified students with the determination of our b friend, some bags and clothes we supply the places we've gifts to our students , \"he said . Photo Hardworking, \"I want to emphasize something, Help area Association but help can take . We want to show stairs as the other six associations . We invite you in our association . Come and see our association , get the activities we do believe there's perspective will change. Use your gift-bye , \"he said


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