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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:00

Example Victims Sector in Osmangazi

Example Victims Sector in Osmangazi
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Osmangazi district-wide indoor and outdoor market area as the victim sector by organizing citizens the opportunity to cut their victims in a healthy and hygienic conditions offered.

Bursa news:
any image on the Feast of Sacrifice , and measures to avoid environmental pollution days before Osmangazi Municipality area , indoor and outdoor market area in the district this year, the victim sector was set . Part of the victim as the field of citizens'drop Onions , Alemdar, Fair , Labor, Agriculture, Bağlarbaşı , Hamid , Sırameş Stereo, Yunuseli , Küçükbalıkl and Yesilova spaces at the market places citizens, Osmangazi Municipality have taken measures due to their victims , healthy and hygienic cutting had the opportunity .
areas to be used as a place of slaughter to avoid any bad image , a victim to the cutting area was placed garbage containers and water tanks . Through these measures cut the victim of citizens after cleaning , leave their garbage containers ensuring that waste , and prevent environmental pollution has expired. In addition, officials in the central part of the cleaning crew to intervene instantly , poor image and did not allow pollution to occur .
Osmangazi Municipality is prepared by cutting the victim was quite pleased with the citizens of the place . Bulbous indoor market area victim crossing the text during the day , \"In the first years the victims cut down our places can not find the problems because they were having . Especially rainy these difficulties in was getting bigger . However, Osmangazi thanks about difficulties disappeared . Indoor and outdoor market area, the victim sector no waiting as arranged our victim had the opportunity to cut in hygienic conditions . Moreover, with the works council teams have done well not experienced any environmental pollution . Services Osmangazi municipality to thank you very much , \"he said .


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