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  • 13 Şubat 2014, Perşembe 13:05

Excess cash to Reach Target Renault, will Accelerate Profitable Growth Strategy

Excess cash to Reach Target Renault, will Accelerate Profitable Growth Strategy
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Renault group, total cash more than 2.5 billion euros from 2011 to 2013 exceeded the target.

Bursa news:  Renault group, total cash more than 2.5 billion euros from 2011 to 2013 exceeded the target."Drive the Change"plan for the end of 2017, the group self-assertive and measurable objectives, and each year a turnover of 50 billion euros by getting more cash on the operating profit margin of 5 percent of turnover is planning to reach.
Renault President Carlos Ghosn,"Drive the Change"plan in the first phase they determine the strategy to fruition, said:"These gains thanks to the Renault group plans an ambitious and realistic second phase required to implement have all the resources,"he said.
Renault gamut of renewal process was launched successfully. New Clio in France was the first and the third in Europe. Captur crossover, while the most sold in France, sat at the forefront of its segment in Europe. Renault is a pioneer in zero-emission transportation to market by offering a comprehensive range of electric vehicles kept his promise.
Groups in international markets outside Europe, has increased its share in major markets. Ratio of sales to total sales outside Europe, so 50 per cent in 2013 from 38 percent in 2010 on the output. Brazil Russia respectively group second largest became third markets. In 2013 the group's best-selling model Duster'ın led a unique M0 range in the emerging markets of strong growth on the back was the driving force.
Renault group, product line renewal process in 2014 autumn new Twingo and new Trafic and then in the D segment, a new option will create Espace Mégane and Scénic's successor and new models will accelerate with. This model of the alliance C and D segments developed for the 3 million vehicles a common platform will rise above.
Group, in parallel, a comprehensive crossover range, India and Latin America, a range of input models (A-entry) and for international markets new commercial vehicles (Pick-up) in the market with coverage will expand.
A successful first stage after the group, Brazil and Russia over 8 percent and in India over 5 per cent market share targets.
in Wuhan year 150 thousand vehicle capacity of a new factory with the establishment and the C and D segments, including the crossover model consisting of a range of products, with China next year, the priority of the forms.
in Europe, the Renault brand, renewed, internet connection, the user with friendly and environmentally friendly mass-market brands of products aims to re-second. At the same time, the Dacia brand in its class undisputed leadership aims to maintain.
Renault group, on the one hand within the alliance future new product launches more than 80 percent will cover the platforms and architectures (CMF) share depends on the competitiveness and scale from savings and on the other hand, the new model of the value of two-thirds to form a standardized modules will benefit from.
parts and components supply the vernacularization and the group's global production capacity more efficient use of vehicles cost reduction strategy will be completed.
Group, also in France and Spain signed competitiveness and partners plan to increase the positive effects brought about by production for the amount of sales will benefit from the addition.
at the end of the Plan period, the group with two shifts per day production capacity in Europe is expected to reach 100 percent capacity utilization. Alliance leveraging synergies within the Renault group will make a positive contribution to profitability. Purchasing, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and human resources in the areas of collaboration projects in 2016 until the end of at least 4.3 billion euros in synergies is expected to create.
Alliance and partnership within the framework of cost-sharing strategy, on the one hand joint project to increase the number, while at the same time + R & D investment cost ratio under 9 per cent of turnover to allow retention.
Renault group, has set two main objectives as a result of the plan period. These constant scope of consolidation vehicles and parts, related services and joint sales to a 50 billion euro turnover embodied by that growth target, and each year the excess cash while achieving a turnover of 5 percent above the operating profit margin and continuous profitability to achieve.

Excess cash to Reach Target Renault, will Accelerate Profitable Growth Strategy" comments for.


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