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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:19

'Excessive sweating negatively affects their social life'

'Excessive sweating negatively affects their social life'
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. Gökdemir buds, excessive sweating is deterring people from social life. Gökdemer,"one of the most effective therapies in the treatment of excessive sweating, injection of botox. Especially in the face, armpits and palms sweating with a single session of regions is completely lost."she said.

Dr. Gökdemir bud, the negative effects on human health and disease, treatment of excessive sweating briefed. Gökdemir,"and is sweating more than usual in some cases, negative effects of a person's life. Sweating leads to a deterioration in the person's clothing. Causes a bad smell in the body. All of these issues affect a person's social life and private life. Here in this case talk about excessive sweating. Example hand palms sweating people can not hold anything, anyone tokalaşamaz, continuous with plain storage needs to."said.

Gökdemir, also said about the causes of excessive sweating :"T valuation occurs in two ways. Primary (essential), sweating, psychological factors, stress, shame, as the excitement of the emotional changes excessive sweating condition. other secondary (secondary), sweating, and the underlying some diseases (thyroid disease, menopause, high blood pressure, neurological some hst ..), drugs, alcohol, excessive sweating condition which is caused by substances such as caffeine. We no talking about the inconvenience of excessive sweating is not linked to the disease."

also provide information about treatment of excessive sweating Gökdemir, said :"A the method of first choice in the treatment of disproportionate sweating antiperspirant cream, should use deodorant and solutions. However, these methods are required, and the effects of continuous and long-term use is often insufficient. iontophoresis method can be used in the treatment of excessive sweating. electric current by means of a method to prevent sweating. however, not applicable underarm sweating. Excessive sweating injection of botox treatment is one of the most effective treatments . Especially in the face, armpits and palms sweating with a single session of regions is completely lost. Botox effect lasts up to 6-8 months. Botox procedure is applied in 15 minutes, does not require any anesthesia. treatment has no side effects. Excessive sweating are also applied in the treatment of surgical operations. Sweating in the removal of sweat glands by blocking the nerves that cause sweating or perspiration is treated. injection of Botox in the treatment of excessive sweating do not have any side effects. However, after the surgery, surgical methods applied in an area outside the region, excessive sweating (compensatory sweating) is an important side effect, and permanent."

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