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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:07

Excitement of Mardi Scholarship Students

Excitement of Mardi Scholarship Students
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Mardin Assistance and Solidarity Foundation ( MARDAV ) by reading and studying outside 575 at Cukurova University , Adana Mardin was awarded scholarships to 785 students.

Adana news: Photo MARDAV students who receive scholarships at a ceremony in the building MARDAV Mayor Osman Göktekin and Treasurer of the Foundation met with the blood of the text . MARDAV Mayor Osman Göktekin , chatted for a while before distribution of scholarship students. Göktekin , MARDAV said they want to do business with young students graduated under the brand . Photo of Mardin in Adana Assistance and Solidarity Foundation ( MARDAV ) read by the university successful and in need of Mardin in October of a total of 1360 students in 2014-2015 academic year and November months were given scholarships. photo Hometown to find their transfer Göktekin in aid as a foundation , \"We have received a patent for the MARDAV name. brand've done . as I said earlier, I admit it. it's not UmdAkilerle my age , we registered with young people under the MARDAV brand name work a few in Turkey we want the year to establish the university we imagined, after doing business . I hope God of us would share it. My abroad, I have a great experience. in the future we take in it abroad will be much better , \"he said . who wants to be successful in the course of a Photo Student Göktekin , \"We want to be successful of your course. You know the way to achieve this worthy to Mardin . Citizens are always known for their honest and hard working . This is the reason why we request us to do so. We want you to come with you on a foundation . This foundation of trust you . Everyone should adopt its own foundation . Many times we are called fellowman . We take SMS . Calls expect it to be a great participation in our meetings is done , \"he said. Read studying outside the 575 and then a Photo Cukurova University in Adana Mardin was awarded scholarships to 785 students.

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