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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:20

Excitement slap Enduro Championship

Excitement slap Enduro Championship
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Turkey Enduro Championship race start of the 5th Foot slap ceremony was held at the Republic Square .

Tokat news:
Turkey Motorcycle Federation organized by the Municipality of Tokat, Tokat Special Provincial Administration , slap Nature and Extreme Sports Club ( TODEX ) supports tomorrow Topçam Plateau to be held in Turkey Enduro Championship 5th Foot race began.
Republic Square'speaking at the ceremony held at the Mayor Job slap Eroglu, would contribute greatly to the promotion of competition in Tokat said. Turkey's most beautiful track field form that expresses President Eroglu, this competition a foot each year in Tokat organization said.
The speeches after the AK Party Tokat deputy Zeyid Lion and Mayor Job Eroglu athletes used motorcycle riding to the media exposure gave . Turkey Motorcycle Federation Board Member Mahmut Nedim Akülke , protocol of the members of the athletes have made the point that thumb their removal at the request of the AK Party Lion, this exposure , along with \"Late teacher my moment let us be ,\"he said .
Competition start after giving Topçam enduro races will be held for about 100 athletes moved to the Plateau .

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