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  • 20 Aralık 2013, Cuma 09:59

"Exercise should become a Part of Daily Life"

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Nineteen May University (OMU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Head.

Samsun news: Nineteen May University (OMU) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Head. Dr.. Hulusi hawk, activity is very important for healthy living, said exercise should be part of everyday life, he said. Prof.
. Dr.. Hulusi hawk in his statement,"Winter months along with changing weather conditions hours, often in humans, we observe an error I want to emphasize., We usually people to live healthy, counseled are. Healthy living a part of the only nutrition is not. The same time, the daily activity is also very important. These little neglected one of the factors. Especially in the winter month Destination think people activity are stepping down. cold weather conditions, citing the citizens exercise the leaves. really how much is it justifiable behavior information about it I want to give. certain countries to the cities when we look typically European countries in summer and winter a constant flood of people we see. Activities and sports areas it can see. Consequently, for healthy people talking. course with heart disease or different diseases of those physicians proposals move in the direction required. But healthy people's health in order to protect need to do activities resume is very important,"he said.
Samsun cold under 0 degrees and is reminiscent of the very rare Prof. Dr.. Hulusi hawk,"City in the winter season daily activities to avoid making a justification supposed to be. Samsun people in the spring, summer, winter, fall seasons if you are a sports fanatic if they neglect it that they do not recommend. You really weather is cold will prevent him way more solid dress wearing day activity must fulfill. When we talk to people, 'Do you hiking in the summer?' We are asking. 'No, it's too hot,' they say. winter when it comes time to 'chill', they say. Accordingly, the facts excuse through the eyes when viewed as a result of activity unavailable. Samsun, daily activities, our exercise, to prevent us from weather conditions of the year, perhaps only 10 days exceed. lives of our should be part of the exercise, we need to make a part of our daily lives,"he said.

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