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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 17:33

Exhibition of calligraphy and marbling has attracted great interest

Exhibition of calligraphy and marbling has attracted great interest
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Opened in Malatya calligraphy and marbling exhibition has attracted great interest .

Malatya news: Rock
Islamic calligrapher and artist Ebru Turgut Çekmegelioğl , Malatya calligraphy and marbling in the park, opened the exhibition . In the foyer tomorrow will remain open until the exhibition , citizens'attention see .
Ebru artist Turgut Çekmegelioğl traditional marbling and calligraphy they see on the need opened , said:\"In many places, this art is being processed but some incomplete information is given. We art note and take it the missing information to complete the exhibition opened . this is in line in marbling easy ones , not the hard one did , \"he said .
master artists , traditional art of marbling a great interest in noting that ,\"marbling on the market today chemical dyes is done. Competent people without this art is trying to do . at this point, our people the wrong information is given . therefore essentially marbling than a Move . 50 varieties of marbling there , a kind of de flower. Others 49 of them otherwise there . However, these kinds of citizens and art lovers do not offer , \"he said said.
calligrapher Islamic Kumar , the traditional rules in accordance with written works they open lay with the citizens presented to said.
Rock in Turkey in recent years in calligraphy is a big improvement , noting that \"calligraphy seriously have an interest in . People began to recognize this art recently . They appreciate this art . Hopefully will be better , \"he said .

Exhibition of calligraphy and marbling has attracted great interest" comments for.


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