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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 16:53

Eximbank of Bursa Exporters Increasing Interest

Eximbank of Bursa Exporters Increasing Interest
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Bursa Bursa Liaison Office of the firms through Turk Eximbank is using $ 650 million export credit approached.

Bursa news: Used until the end of the year of the loan amount is expected to exceed $ 700 million . Bursa, the loan amount to 1 billion dollars , the opening of branches searched for the most important criteria to fulfill to be .
AK Party Istanbul deputy and Parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission Members Huseyin Sahin, the main objective of export development of the Turkish Eximbank Bursa liaison office in the the number of staff assigned to supplementation was done last year , it also increase the amount of credit extended by banks to contribute positively , he said. The Bank directly extended by export credit in the last two years, great shots noted that the Falcon, \"Turk Eximbank's intermediary banks means the amount of credit the January-September 2013 period, 110 million 50 thousand dollars . These rates in 2014 in the same period by 3 percent , down 106 million 445 thousand dollars was realized . however, the bank's short, medium and long-term direct loans given in an explosion took place , \"he said .
in 2013 the bank directly extended by 289 million 783 thousand dollars of short-term loan in 2014, the same period 37 per cent increase at a rate of 389 Hawk explains that reached $ 92 thousand million , the largest increase in the medium and long-term loans granted directly pointed out that experienced in the use . Sahin, during the first 9 months of 2013 to 71 million 778 thousand dollars of the amount of medium and long-term loans in the same period of 2014, an increase of 86 percent , reaching $ 133 million, 706 thousand reported. Bank last year for the first nine-month period extended by the total amount of credit of 471 million 313 thousand dollars , that this year's same period, the amount of 638 million 243 thousand dollars voicing Sahin, \"Turk Eximbank last year, staff supplementation did. That positive results the last two years clearly began to see . Both in 2013 , as well as high this year used the loan amount large increases in there . Turkish Eximbank in Turkey granted a total amount of loans last year's first nine months, compared to 8 percent increase was realized , the rate of Bursa'also realized as 35 percent , \"he said .
AK Party Istanbul deputy Huseyin Sahin, these figures Bursa to operate in the commercial centers in Istanbul that they use for loans invisible firms including whether underlined .
Bursa Turkish Eximbank of exporters stated that the demand increases every year Falcon, \"It is extremely gratifying development. Bursa use until the end of the loan amount you expect to find $ 700 million . There are a growing chart . If this rate of Bursa wanted to open a branch of a $ 1 billion loan to use the criteria we expect to exceed two years . Then Bursa opening of branches that may arise ,'he said .
Huseyin Sahin, Turkish Eximbank , Bursa's exports ratio whereas percent in 2013 is 4.91 , compared to the same period of 6.60 has been performed , he added .

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