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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:38

Exiting the Cuban volleyball Spades About Legal Process

Exiting the Cuban volleyball Spades About Legal Process
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1. Men's Volleyball Player of the crisis on foreign legal proceedings before Inegöl League team Besiktas match last weekend Belediyespor'da started.

Bursa news: Photo 2014-2015 season for Inegöl FC agreed with the Cuban volleyball Ismael Fernandes and Raydel Poey Romero, who çıkmazken contracts to unilaterally annul training , Besiktas match, the two strangers coming Inegöl FC, was to attempt in Turkey Volleyball Federation of State. Two athletes who learned they want of the language management have agreed and Inegöl FC with a team in Italy , orange-blue club management has resorted to legal means about two players. Photo Inegöl Mayor and Inegöl FC Club President Alinur Aktas , exercise and game out that Cuban players Fernandes about Luke and Raydel Poey Romero stated that the legal process begins. Luke and Romero Aktas stating he wanted to leave the team , \"This year at the beginning of our budget appropriately our teacher, our technical team , as a result of the research of our management , we agreed with 3 foreign players. One of these Estonians Kert Toobal . Our other 2 player Ismael Fernandes Luke and Raydel Poey was Romero'y . But on Thursday , incomprehensibly , for all payments we make on a regular basis and they both go to training , although we have kept separate houses. we did identify a record by this notary ingenuity . this situation continued into Friday and Saturday. Sunday cores were also leaving , \"he said .
ITALIAN TEAM flirting with Aktas stating opinions Photo Friday to face in his office with two players , \"I tried to understand your troubles . But they assert their parental excuses. Al we especially information that is flirting with an Italian team of Poey and the way we think search procedure to go at this point. Work sad side, we can not currently deal with our another foreign player . With them we have to finish the contract. Fıvb'y to , Volleyball Federation and the payments we make to them . These friends are too small a price to pursuit to leave here , \"he said .
These two foreign players in the inconsistent behavior as a result of gains can Aktas stated that they lost the Besiktas match , \"This we have to continue with the legal issues players available until dissolved. We keep records. We reported to the Federation established law . International law also concerns , \"he said . Photo Aktas, according to their research , adding that they provided the air ticket two foreign players and the words they left town a week later.


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