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  • 16 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 16:46

Exp. Dr.. Advice for Mothers from Nalbantoglu

Exp. Dr.. Advice for Mothers from Nalbantoglu
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Private Tekirdag Life Hospital Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr..

Tekirdağ news: Private Tekirdag Life Hospital Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr.. Bu the Nalbantoğlu, happy to get away from all the concerns of the secret of motherhood, he said.
Exp. Dr.. Nalbantoğlu,"for months, ongoing impatient wait, then your baby first on your lap as you receive, the world's largest marvel at one of you will be witness. Henceforth your life a 'mother' will continue to be that reality is; happy excitement as well as the responsibility that comes with a sense of concern can be . Maternity of the early days and enjoy the happiness While experiencing the first time I've encountered situations alarm you do not allow,"he said.
"all the concerns DROP 'MOTHER' enjoy being IN REMOVE"
Exp happy explains secrets of motherhood. Dr.. Nalbantoğlu, while more women gain motivation to feed the baby with breast milk should be pointed out.
mother's mental and physical health, the baby's healthy growth directly on to be effective for the mothers themselves look very good that they should save the Nalbantoğlu,"Therefore, embracing, touching, eye contact, set up to show her feelings capable, speaking, listening, baby singing, read books of the imagination to develop it, allowing the baby to play games while being a mother always should be taken; worries and concerns away from the peaceful, quiet life should be preferred,"he said.
mother is one of the most worrying issues that"why babies cry?"question answered Nalbantoğlu babies with the external environment in order to communicate most frequently applied the way they cry is expressed as,"Your baby just wants to communicate can. Infant cries of mothers first comes to your mind 'baby sick?' is the question. Yet the cry babies external medium to communicate with most often refer to the way they are. cry of the type often cry, depending on the cause is shaped as a good observation with the baby anxious about the problem have an idea,"he said.
of diseases as well as gas pains, extreme heat, hunger, or the baby can fit more clothing causes the baby's crying, saying that the principal Exp. Dr.. Nalbantoğlu,"for example gas pains babies who gain weight well and healthy babies are. Generally, delivery in 2-3 weeks, especially in the evening emerged crying spells that cause these pains are increasingly more frequent. Infant 6-8 weeks is the most intensively manifested gas pains about In the third month cut. During this time crying to reduce their many medications and behavioral methods have been tried, though none of these scientifically unproven is"he said.
mother will often feel cold fear of the baby, the baby's environment is a hot show baby care tend to dress in layers Exp attention. Dr.. Nalbantoğlu,"the ambient temperature is more than the baby's more clothed done very often an error is considered. Breastfeeding mother's temperature is already babies to warm up is sufficient. Meanwhile, the baby more clothe you baby wearied cry is inevitable. Dolls The most frequent crying One reason is hunger. Hungry baby cry. newborn baby's feeding the baby itself must manage. Dolls when you feel hungry already the mother the necessary warnings crying gonna make enforcement are not necessary,"he said.
how the baby must be clad?
for sweating have been observed in newborn babies when the babies dressed more distress caused by excess temperature crying stating that tries to express Exp. Dr.. Nalbantoğlu, said:
"Also more hot environment, the infant's nose is obstructed. Baby's hands and feet are cold the üşüyüp chills, wherein the neck checked and understood. On the other hand, the room temperature 22-23 degrees at times to be your baby, you just fold more dressing will suffice. Outfit of the removal, while falling asleep as a reflex startle, environmental warnings excess, before sleeping comfort with the purpose of the shake some action fully asleep to the infant timing error with the cry may cause. Such cases the baby's physical contact requirement must be remembered, baby lap really feel safe to be ensured. mother's feel the warmth baby soon will be relieved. new born babies admitted where the pillow should be. healthy sleep, on behalf of the baby or the ground too soft for non-deformation to hardness a mattress, is recommended. On the other hand, mattresses from a cotton fabric is made and şilteyl cradle between 2 an inch more space will not be released. Infant supine position, slightly tilted upright on a level should be admitted; potential choking against the risk covered on the covers must be chosen carefully."
Baby satiate that you can not fear, the mother in the early days the most common source of concern is one of voicing Nalbantoğlu every mother at the same time the second baby will grow amounts of milk is capable of producing said. Nalbantoğlu therefore not enough milk to mothers warned not worry due to anxiety.
Orchestra conductor of the baby's diet, it should be stressed that the baby Exp. Dr.. Nalbantoğlu, said completed :"A ncak initial breastfeeding breaks exceed 3 hours should be careful. Meanwhile, the baby's sucking every 2-3 suction action followed by a swallowing motion should be encouraged. Your milk is enough to understand that the baby's months, how many grams of weight that day, how many times cloth wet can observe that. babies a month at least 500 grams weight gain, at least 5-6 times wetting the postnatal day 15 while on birth weight have reached that the baby receives milk is enough shows. Milk to increase after birth, no later than 1 hour a baby in the mother's breast should be admitted. Infant no suction, even if the first four hours, each hour the baby with the breast must be placed. next days, the day 10-12 times to breastfeed will be useful. Dairy easily if you come, nutrition which will determine the frequency will be the baby again."

Exp. Dr.. Advice for Mothers from Nalbantoglu" comments for.


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