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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 11:29

Exp. Dr.. Öztanrıöv:"The Violence Against Women, Infectious Diseases Like"

Exp. Dr.. Öztanrıöv:
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Psychiatrist Dr.

Adana news: Psychiatrist Dr. Sumer is Öztanrıöv, violence against women is a public health problem and infectious diseases spread rapidly as he said.
DR. Öztanrıöv that his statement, the cultural-political reasons, claiming about their life free to make decisions that are blocked woman, clothing, behavior, reading, work, or even out in the streets even embargoed, adding that"this case dependent on it and open to abuse makes. Emotional, sexual and physical violence against the liberation war that these women struggle for freedom, unfortunately, sometimes leading to death,"he said.
violence against women on the basis of empathy, not being able or said Öztanrıöv,"The Empathy, against ourselves parishioners by putting his behavior behind their thoughts and feelings to understand,"he spoke.
studies of the skill of empathy, pet fed growing in homes Stating that the show is more Exp. Dr.. Öztanrıöv, said continued:
"reading books, especially the novels of reading empathy skills increase was seen. Novel the characters in the identification of the incidents to someone else's viewpoint to look is thought to facilitate. Girls and boys together to play and the need for the lesson and social events, not against each other, empathy is facilitated. our country mixed schools although from primary school girls and boys common share lack of initiatives for, violence against women, the magic was the harbinger. VAW individual problems as if they see will be incorrect. This is a public health issue and infectious diseases As is spreading rapidly. between men and women inequality increasing with the snowball is. tip of the iceberg on the side of death, unseen at the emotional, physical and sexual violence are included. these unhealthy environment of violence, either directly or indirectly exposed while the kids of the future victims or perpetrators to be is a candidate. This brings us to the future of mental health to be a corrupt society is step by step."
"Violence against women is the problem of our children empathy, developing their skills in the long term, we can solve,"he Öztanrıöv,"the girls and boys in separate schools education plan, the gap will increase. done a study arch-foes Israel and Palestinian young people stay together a youth camp, only a common goal identified collaboration commissioned to each other when empathy they develop seen. Accordingly girls and boys only in the same school reading even alone solve this problem will be. children's education and participation in social activities, collaborate with each other, boys and girls, not as people first as will enable them to see,"he said.

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