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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:16

Exp. Dr.. Yeşilyurt:"Paralysis of Early Rehabilitation of Patients Improves Quality of Life"

Exp. Dr.. Yeşilyurt:
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Private Tekirdag Life Specialist Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Tekirdağ news: Private Tekirdag Life Specialist Hospital Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Dr.. Yesilyurt Hijri, the early rehabilitation of stroke patients improve quality of life, he said. In all the neurological deficits seen in stroke recovery may take up to 1 year expressing DR. Yeşilyurt, usually in the arm by 52 percent, 89 percent improvement in leg sightings, with a good rehabilitation program to a normal level of 20 to 30 percent of patients, 75 percent noted that propelled become.
DR. Yeşilyurt popularly known causes of stroke and gave information about the symptoms and treatment. Popularly called as stroke hemiplegia of the right or the left half of the body, loss of voluntary movement and expression that paralyzed mean DR. Yeşilyurt, stroke, blood flow result of the deterioration of brain cells by the damage occur, he said.
Stroke 80 per cent of the neck or in the brain, arterial occlusion as a result of the remainder if a blood vessel rupturing and brain bleeding inside arise due voicing Dr. . Yeşilyurt,"Stroke in the world, the most common brain and nervous system disorders is the problem. Causes of death in cardiovascular disease and cancer after 3 ranks. Stroke patients undergoing nearly two-thirds survive and rehabilitation needs,"he said.
at the beginning of the risk factors that cause stroke high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle and stroke Noted that was previously migrated Dr. Yeşilyurt of stroke with no known cause sudden severe headache, unexplained dizziness, unsteadiness, falls, unilateral visual loss or confusion, sudden onset of slurred speech or unintelligible speech, face, arms and legs, one-sided numbness and loss of strength of the major reasons, he said.
damage occurring in the brain instead of the symptoms vary depending on the size of the transfer DR. Yeşilyurt"For example, midbrain artery occurred in a hemorrhage or obstruction, most often we see, including her face area of ​​the body, a half stroke develops. Paralyzed arms, legs than is evident. Most of the time this speech and visual disturbances also have problems may be accompanied by,"he said.
of the treatment of the first patient's condition is fixed then revealed the potential for patient rehabilitation noted Dr. Yeşilyurt"For example, the patient occurs in young previously brain damage undeveloped, perception and mental problems developed, urinary and bowel problems, with no visual field without the disorder, early rehabilitation program received family support, which, socioeconomic status, with adequate and comprehensive centers treated in patients in the treatment success rate is greater. Rehabilitation The purpose of this person's physical, mental and social function to the highest level to convey. Principles rehabilitation efforts can be initiated early. Patients additional problems if you do not; occlusive type of stroke patients within a few days, haemorrhagic types of strokes, and 2 weeks later rehabilitation initiation is suitable. Rehabilitation work now launching a number of complications that we, the disease in the course of the second onset of disease causes. stroke to patients undergoing rehabilitation does not apply if the incorrect movement patterns will develop, for example, patients walk even in a distorted way, limping happens. Exercises that Patients must be a part of life,"he said.
Rehabilitation prevention of complications that can occur with or minimized stressed that Dr. Yeşilyurt,"Rehabilitation of sensory and perceptual loss can be compensated, lost voluntary mobility can be recovered, environmental compliance can be achieved, the quality of life raises"he said.
Rehabilitation early choice of beds, patient's bed proper positioning, bed sores and still remains is important in terms of preventing joint arthritis due voicing Dr. Yeşilyurt,"In the following period in bed, seating and transfer activities are taught. Strengthening exercises, posture (posture) and balance exercises, standing and walking exercises the patient's clinical condition is based. Necessary help in case the device description and rehabilitation can be accelerated. Clinical follow-up of patients may develop other diseases assessed and their treatment will be. Rehabilitation basically conventional techniques in the normal range of motion to maintain muscle strengthening exercises for balance and mobility exercises, daily living activities, the developer exercises are implemented. Aside from that neurophysiological methods of treatment, functional electrical stimulation, biofeedback techniques and orthoses can benefit from using"he said.

Exp. Dr.. Yeşilyurt:"Paralysis of Early Rehabilitation of Patients Improves Quality of Life"" comments for.


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