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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:47

Expatriates in Hungary in the Met's Day Prayer

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Came together in the Hungarian capital Budapest , around 200 Turkish , Eid al-Adha prayer made ​​together .

Budapeşte news:
Budapest's 10th district is located in the nearly 10 years since serving Turkish Islamic and Cultural Association mosque collected about 200 persons, Hasan Huseyin Dogan teacher his sermon together after Eid al-Adha prayers eda has . Eda prayer together expatriates who , after making Takbir were holy . In the garden of the mosque congregation together later in the hair of the Prophet takbirs . They cut a coach on behalf of Muhammad . After the ram was cut breakfast . Bayram prayer with their children from some Turkish citizens Eid prayer the peace of mind they are in is observed , sacrifice for the Muslim slaughterhouses to have been taken.
For a long time living in Hungary businessman Ahmet Biratl in Hungary feasts passed very well that , together rendered the Eid prayer followed by breakfast they do, they're going to cut the victim here , he said. Arrow The Lion , the entire Muslim world celebrated Eid Mubarak said. In Budapest in mosques all together Eid prayers hair noted that Leo , then the victims cut will go said.
23 years since living in Hungary Solomon Küçükali also the Eid prayer with his friends makes that , then before the Budapest-based Turkish martyrdom will go , after visiting the sacrifice of the martyrs go , he said. Küçükali , \"Turkey and the entire Islamic world be blessed festival'he said.

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