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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:07

Expedition from Vatbo Bahçesaray

Expedition from Vatbo Bahçesaray
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Van Mercantile Exchange (VATBO) Chairman Salman soil, the county continues to trip.

Van news: Van Mercantile Exchange (VATBO) Chairman Salman soil, the county continues to trip. Bakhchisaray district
visiting Earth, where Bahçesaray Governor visited Tariq Açıkgöz. After the visit of the hottest night of Food, Agriculture Livestock Salman who held discussions with District Manager, and then some schools in the county by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey sent gifts were distributed to the students. Late last month, the protocol made in Turkey as a first Hakkari, Van Mercantile Exchange operating in the field, which included VATBO President Selma clay, representative offices, which will open the county to visit continues.
President soil,"Bahçesaray seriously we give importance districts one of our. Transportation and climate conditions, the most difficult districts one of our. Our goal here in the coming period a representative office opening where citizens exchange transactions timely and vision. Yet together in the county a serious walnuts and honey has potential. both product related study how we can do it in consultation've come to. Also for the coming season agriculture and animal husbandry for our citizens meetings, seminars, training to start working,"he said.
Governor Açıkgöz Tariq, the visit is satisfied due to the expression,"Mr. Toprak both new management and with the team elected to this they both Hakkari and county work on because I want to celebrate. these visits, I hope useful results will bring. We farmers and producers, trainings, seminars or stock market deems appropriate for all the work the support we will offer. course mention here walnut production that we want, the term does not occur. So God this district had blessed beauty, four a side walnut filled with a county but the production or the business's commercial sense, the transformation yet. could do that work occur in the future that we hope,"he said.
President soil, then get information about farming and animal husbandry sector visited the District Directorate of Agriculture. Following the visit, the District Director of Education along with Ervin m.kas Hakkıbey ISE YIBOs' also handed out gifts to students sent by TOBB. On the way back to the town of Bakhchisaray Çatak connected on the road up to the last President Narlıca Ground Village Elementary School, met with the teachers. Information regarding the status area of ​​the school ground, a time to chat with the students gave gifts.

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