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  • 19 Haziran 2013, Çarşamba 15:50

Experts outlined the benefits of ayran

Experts outlined the benefits of ayran
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One side effect of a two-drink on hot summer days: Buttermilk! ..

International Research Institute for Climate and Society

According to estimates of experts, 75 percent of the summer of 2013, temperatures will remain above seasonal averages. This fluid balance in the human body protection during hot summer days is very important to our health. Getting ready to experience the hottest summer in recent years, these days, the body loses water through sweat and minerals that are important in terms of the provision of a buttermilk s, in terms of health uniting all the experts say that a drink was extremely helpful.

drink one of the two non-side effect :Buttermilk

buttermilk, yoghurt bacteria are particularly content Thanks to the digestive tract is a drink that is effective is very important. Fluid lost from the body through sweat like no side effects that are rich in sodium and chloride ions can be met with buttermilk. Sticky Thread Buttermilk also the flow of the body's fluid balance, and provides potassium needed for normal blood pressure, helps muscles contract.

Ayran benefits

Drinking in

delicious, refreshing and refreshing addition to the effect on apparent benefits in terms of human health, it does not stop counting. Ayran, stating that it has a very rich content Hakarayan Lotus Yörsan Food Engineers, because it contains calcium and potassium, making a positive impact on the formation of bones and teeth, especially ayran In addition, A, B12, D, is a source of protein and vitamins B2 and B6 said.

Ayran, a major beverage for the protection of the body's fluid balance. Nilufer Hakarayan, fluid lost due to excessive heat during the summer months, you still do need to recover the liquid consumption of sodium and chloride ions in the liquid-rich, and this is of great importance, he says.

very rich in terms of electrolyte drink Ayran. Sticky Thread Buttermilk also increases the stability of the intestinal flora and organizing. Helps the digestive system to remove negativity. makes therapeutic effect on many digestive disorders. The body fluid is necessary to balance the flow of potassium in and provides normal blood pressure. It also has a soothing effect on the occasion of buttermilk and anti-stress foods contain tryptophan top of the list is located.

Experts outlined the benefits of ayran" comments for.


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