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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 14:15

Explanation attack from Prime Minister Davutoğlu in Bingol

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Bingöl Police Chief Atalay chickened out for attack and sought for armed security personnel accompanying today announced that it captured .

Ankara news: Photo Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, after a meeting of his party's group evaluated the attacker to attack a member within the HDPE HDPE PM building. This morning HDPE Headquarters in a HDPE replacement member Ahmet Karatas , stating that the question of a knife attack Obama, \"also on hdp'n the statement made ​​observations at the scene gradually our police force . I , first of all, all violence clearly I condemn the incidents of violence as I condemn . no justification for any politician , can not show any citizen attacked excused . I condemn this attack in the strongest terms . politics where there is violence, freedom will not , but I mean in honor of these issues , the attacker was caught in a very short time crime and also confessed . this is the evident result of active intervention of our police force . of course, to be delivered to the judiciary. 1986 born in Ankara in an attacker . Moreover, a party sought from attacking our safety manager and our security officers in Bingöl is caught today. in fact, we mean from the public order this is it. I hope all politicians including HDPE also have noticed how all of these events is important for everyone of public order. I emphasize again , facing hdp'y I strongly condemn these attacks and active public policy is to leave unsolved . Our police chief in Ankara is also Turkey's Bingol anywhere in question as necessary for this type of attack , an attacker will fall to catch criminals in advance. Shall deliver to the judiciary , \"he said. Photo reminding attacker that Obama was born in 1986 , \"registered to the population of Ankara . Mention the name because it is a serious process janitor. Cause under investigation . The important thing here is captured immediately aggressive . This is the strong message given to the public . I express once again it strongly I condemn , \"he said .
\" NO ONE GOAL We DISPLAY We do not SHOW \"Photo from HDPE wing'targets have shown'the Prime Minister Davutoglu on the question of the statement,\"This statement of course not acceptable side . There is no way anyone is not a target but HDPE Kopani events during their statements, not only the Government on 6-7 October ; In the East , Southeast , showed every one of our citizens destination in Turkey. Our government'ışid'l to cooperate','Kobani'yi in slaughtering Kurds'as no provision has been charged with a crime no . In addition, every citizen who is not involved in some way hdp'l showed no or organization goals. The obvious how to cause pain. We have no time at all , but our goal is to show anyone in a democratic environment after criticism about this attitude is a necessity in terms of both to inform the public to make this criticism has both . Today and tomorrow is the need for all public order in Turkey. Emerges clearly from all over would be at risk because there is no public policy of all our citizens. Everyone in Turkey peaceful , democratic politics , including threatening people and collect tribute benimsemesi.illegal no structure is to force certain actions , including making contributions to that action under blackmail . This rule applies to all political parties . HDPE , MHP, the AK Party for the CHP. Opinions of everyone discussed civilly , meeting and Turkey as a country to use the right walk. On November 1 was shown but some say that opinions can be expressed when there is no violence . We welcome all kinds of criticism , but other parties also need to be open to this criticism. The only thing we do not open'is illegal activity'. Terror is plundered , it will be open're not open . Target showed no question . My words, my comments were made public . We show one target , we will not show , \"he said .

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