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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 20:11

Exports of automotive brake was Bass

Exports of automotive brake was Bass
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Turkish Automotive Sector slams brakes on exports in October .

Bursa news: Last 12 months exports rose 6.03 increased Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters'Union, 3.88 percent over the same period last year, in October, a drop of 1 billion 511 million dollars was signed export . Photo Uludag Exporters'Association ( UIB) , secretary-general on the basis of the most export determined not to leave his seat as the second union. UIB , increasing 6.14 percent in the last 12 months, exports reached $ 23.7 billion in foreign sales . Photo Uludag Exporters'Association ( UIB) has announced its data export figures for October . Accordingly, exports totaled $ 1.8 billion in October . Taking into account the 10 months of the year grew by 4.83 percent compared to the same period last year UIB has signed $ 19.7 billion in foreign sales . According to these data UIB general secretary continues to maintain its seat as the second one, which is the highest export basis. Photo 12 MONTHS PERCENT INCREASE 6.14 Photo UIB Coordinator Chairman Orhan Sabuncu, 10-month data when we look at as well as the last 12-month export figures , also of 5 exporters'unions in the UIB site stating that the upward trend \", according to a Turkish exports as UIB last year prior period have increased at a rate 6,14'lük percent and was based on dollar 23.7 billion . \"he said. Photo UIB Coordinator Chairman Orhan Sabuncu, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) that of 2014 released by the 3rd quarter of realization and spoke about the 4th quarter expectations survey results.
< strong> LAST QUARTER IN EXPORT ART Photo Turkey Exporters Assembly ( TIM), according to the quarter of the year by the realization and expectations of reviewers survey of 2014 working Q3 realization and Q4 expectations considering the results of UIB Coordinator Chairman Orhan Sabuncu, 45 percent of exporting firms according to survey results'in the October-December period to indicate that this would increase exports as realistic . In the last quarter of the year which they are expressed in the idea that increased the weight that exists in the new markets of Turkish exporters Sabuncu, \"Turkish exporters is focused on new markets. I think therefore that it will increase in the last quarter of the current export ,\"he said .
In producing high value-added products must continue the work of the firm that save Sabuncu , expressing Turkey's economy can achieve success in the upcoming four-year period , \"Turkish exporters getting closer to 2023 production and should give importance to new markets issues . to achieve a high bounce in the coming period we need to develop the capacity of R \u0026 D and innovation in our industry ,\"he said . < br/> AUTOMOBILE BRAKE was BAS Photo behalf to achieve the export target planned for 2023 production and exports based on the continuation of need Pointing out Sabuncu growth , drew attention to the inflation and the current account deficit . added the Photo Turkish industry value of producing high quality products , Sabuncu arguing that to export , said to be found in sectors that provide net foreign exchange income of the current account deficit of the drug. Photo Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters'Association ( PA) , in October of the previous year's same month according to about 3.88 percent , down , has signed a $ 511 million export 1 billion . OIB's 1 January-October 31, 2014 date between the eight-month exports increased by 4.59 per cent , to 16 billion 368 million dollars, retrospective 12-month exports also increased by 6.03 percent and reached 19 billion 784 million dollars. < br/> TEXTILE eXPORT pERCENTAGE 11 65 iNCREASED Photo Uludag Textile Exporters Association ( UTİB) October exports of 11.65 percent increase compared to the same period last year showing amounted to 117.5 million dollars. UTİB'dates in 1 January-31 October 2014 The international exports , while the dollar rose 7.20 percent to 1.1 billion , an increase of 8.53 percent retroactive 12-month exports reached $ 1.4 billion . Photo UU Clothing and Apparel Exporters Union ( UHKİB ) while exports in October compared to the same period in the previous year, a rise of 18 percent reached $ 45.5 million . The rate of 12.76 percent in the last 10 months UHKİB exports amounted to 490.3 million dollars rising . The 12-month retrospective of the Union exports increased by 9.14 percent to 572.6 million dollars. Photo Uludağ Fruit and Vegetable Products Exporters Union ( UMSMİB ) while exports in October , an increase of 2.43 percent was realized as 16.7 million dollars. UMSMİB , 2014 10-month total exports of 154.2 million dollars, and the 12-month exports backward , so 5.38 totaled 186.6 million dollars. The exports in
October decreased by 5.10 percent Uludağ Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association ( UYMSİB ) made ​​6.7 million dollars , while exports . Uymsib the first 10 months of exports , while $ 90 million , while 12-month exports backward , fell by 2.78 percent to 103.2 million dollars. With exports recording via Photo UIB and \"other\"as exports of the sectors listed under 29.81 percent in October compared to the same period last year announced an increase of 143.1 million dollars.

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