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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2014, Cuma 15:04

Extended Meeting of Provincial President

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Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Ankara, then there will be no Extended Meeting of Provincial Chairman , said:\"hdp'l message can not come in Anatolia .

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Ankara, then there will be no Extended Meeting of Provincial Chairman , said:\"hdp'l message can not come in Anatolia . MHP come East, Southeast Anatolia can not post . CHP rally in Central Anatolia in many we saw the rally could not. Expanded Provincial Presidents Meeting, anywhere in Turkey gather shoulder to shoulder , Turkey from all regions of representative each of the region's spirit can penetrate only the party's AK Party's world realm'll show you , \"he said .
Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, held at AK Party headquarters in the Extended Meeting of Provincial President in his speech , the AK Party ; Transmigration of the soul , of Muharram , Karbala, stating that the parties representing the spirit of the AK Party doings of a political breakthrough in the world , he said. Davutoglu, \"Arakan prayer message sending ,'God to you at your location empower you , because our your mercy , we need those who say'pray with our side ones. Therefore, our politics, our Turkey has exceeded the boundaries . Whose life is valuable provincial head you are representing the case anymore borders of Turkey exceeded is a case . proud of her and her everywhere defense should continue . blackmail , print a threat , albeit Karbala and Transmigration remembered mercy bless the next days with the belief that your resistance will not lose , your confidence will not lose . you attack the cause of that. someone conscience, the voice shut up call . energy , oil accounts more convenient to do so that they can . brothers brothers more comfortable kırdırabil so that they the solution process, let alone say. Area ethnic and sectarian conflicts climb you say. we against them out of spite fraternity will say \"he said .
Davutoglu,\"Its for you I have an announcement . MYK'da talked with friends , and he made ​​a decision . Thereafter, the President of the Provincial Expanded Meeting will be held in Ankara . Extended Meeting of Provincial Chairman of each month alternately in Turkey , west , east , north , south , and we will show to be held in the middle of the AK Party , in Edirne , Hakkari, too , in Rize , Muğla is a party . When we go shoulder to shoulder with the Aydınlı Şırnak , Hakkari Edirneli with , Muglali enter arm in arm with the Heads of Bitlis province of Izmir in a street in Edirne , Mardin, Van will be seen in the streets . Nobody's going to see friends and enemies can not corrupt brotherhood , can not solve , can not distribute . I now call upon the other party , if you have the courage , they rely on public support let them do the same . He is also a contribution to peace , ie the CHP is going to Hakkari flag or let it go with the Turkish flag once . MHP's easy to throw in Ankara speeches on behalf of national unity in the scene is very attractive with applause in its ideological flag , patriotism, loyalty to the speech easy to remove . Chairman of MHP in the East , are collected in the Southeast . But what does the organization have ? I wonder if there CHP Organization in Southeastern Anatolia in the East ? How many people will be able to come together . The one who breaks the spirit of Türikye all regions of the spirit is broken . HDPE , come in Trabzon , Konya, Edirne are collected . Everywhere we can make this meeting . We want this but they love to put their ideological speeches in the neighborhoods there . Message can not come hdp'l in Central Anatolia . MHP come East, Southeast Anatolia can not post . The CHP, in Central Anatolia have seen in many rallies , rally could not. Provincial Expanded Meeting of the Heads of over Turkey gather shoulder to shoulder , Turkey from all regions of representative each of the region's spirit can penetrate only the party's AK Party's world realm'll show you , \"he said .
Turkey every part of Turkey each location is equipped with the same consciousness that striking Davutoglu, \"to break someone , someone has begun to divide separatism is doing, but they divide in the minds of others . A conviction can not be politics in these regions . Pay attention to her as soon as the events of our Ministers went to eastern and southeastern Anatolia . Local governments in the region toured president . We have gathered the heads of both the municipality and the province . Why, because Kopani pretext they make this attack targets in the state , attacking public buildings . Work places attacked , attacking businesses in the nation's economic development and human activity that comes with the solution process from cutting the target has had hoped . Message to us , we challenge the state , public order would not . No you will not . When asked where she is a state of the state will show that all parts of Turkey . As for businesses in messages that vandals are not close to them and work places that terrorists bombed'tribute to those who live here, just us'they meant . Our brothers and sisters in the area they know best the peace environment, economic development in the settlement process will continue. They purposely washing we'll build out of spite , \"he said.
\"Best response to them actually gave the mother of Diyarbakir , \"said Obama,\"I greet with affection all respectfully . I salute those brave mothers defending their children . In this sense Kobani'yi pretext of destroying public order , whereas our brother, we've got 200 thousand from Kobani'nin the background is unknown, but perhaps I'm just saying you can tell where you go . Kobani'nin from groups brothers began to arrive when the Labour and Social Security Minister Faruk Bey Suruc passed the night in the middle called me said, Mr. Prime Minister oncoming are allowed inside , but this time the car comes in they said they would . Did I leave it on the side of their car , let me say ,'No , they said, which they took with labor , be all , let parked somewhere . Hopefully one day when peace is established Kobani'de take their car expenses'. One more thing, he said ,'But as they come with the lamb'. Get them involved a challenge in terms of animal health , before'we can not take them'he thinks'I did not feel comfortable after 5 minutes , I said,'Let them .'How many of each animal was determined that my brother , let's buy fair price , let them pay fees , purchase of animals before Eid al-Adha was then cut all our brothers Let us offer refugees there . This is two to three days before the Feast of Sacrifice is going on . See our consciences refer to their accusations . What we do in our Kobani'nin , what you're doing , people on the street are calling hdp'li know very well . So, we help to make will continue because we are a compassionate nation , \"he said .
Turkey two things at the same time the executive is committed to Davutoglu , the settlement process would continue and public order will be sovereign expressed . Solution of the process of the first world war after the crumbling the only good news in the Middle East region Davutoglu highlighted that , \"First, we will unite hearts in Turkey Turkmen and then will be close to each other . First, we will perform. Certainly in Iraq and Syria, as well as the identity of these cities belong to this sect, he will not allow division . For this, we are in the middle of a circle of fire . circle of fire in the hope that it will continue to be a beacon , \"he said .

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