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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2014, Cuma 15:11

Extended Meeting of Provincial President

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Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, on internal security package , \"This is not a security package ; freedom is the protection and internal security reform package , is the protection of freedom ,\"he said .

Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, on internal security package , \"This is not a security package ; freedom is the protection and internal security reform package , is the protection of freedom ,\"he said .
Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu, the AK Party held at the Headquarters of the Provincial Expanded Meeting of the Heads In his speech , a two weeks'Turkey authoritarian to as'claims recalling that , \"The group we are talking about freedom and protection of internal security reforms have explained . now were waiting for , and themselves to him had prepared a two week'Turkey police state is going to be , Turkey authoritarian will .'Away some media organs in this direction, the article even had prepared our conversation before we and Turkey to complain they would refer to'detention period of 24 hours it turns out, Turkey authoritarian will .'look'Molotov cocktail penalty will be awarded , Turkey authoritarian will .'No freedom is committed to protecting and expanding are also stable . only protection but freedom of trust and tranquility, where would . example Kopani events during the Diyarbakır , Mardin , Siirt , Batman while these events complete chaos , chaos while trying to create an environment of this group , one of which has a different opinion from the organization meeting and was able to use the right to demonstrate ? But I could not use public order, if you have confidence in a street otherwise think they are talking about another street , but it's not their intention . They are everywhere , they say we'll talk . This land does not belong to you , this land belongs to each of our 77 million citizens , and all citizens everywhere speak , everywhere in the opinion refers to the rule of law . Now we're getting it secured . Kılıçdaroğlu not know what to say this time they came out ,'We are against violence with Molotov cocktails , \"he said . So why did not you say it while Kopani events Kılıçdaroğlu ? Deputy Chairman of you'Take to the streets'when he made ​​the call , send messages to stir Turkey where were you when ? As always, the winter was sleeping , I suppose, does not know. Now the folks looked at had a reaction , response to miss that'we are against violence , \"he says . If you disagree say go . Now , these packets keep on saying to him , this is not a security suite friends , liberty is the protection and internal security reform package . Protection of freedoms , \"he said .
\"then name surname those dissatisfied with the go and before the courts creep things , a petition will be , \"said Davutoglu, \"in time circulating in the village when the surname law so a part of my surname gave my relatives there , is not satisfied by the surname . Many well-known name from the surname even know you're not satisfied .'Mud'he says , but to change the surname before the courts are dealing . Now that our citizens'I want that name and surname'he will notify the Census Bureau . It will save . I know myself . Our surname Shield when the law was our last name . My first population still in my wallet Shield writer. Laws have changed changed, go to my father , Obama wrote . Davutoglu called his family for many years a family has moved to another name . He has the right to have a name , does not interfere with anyone else . Driver's license, passport holder is not an issue to be safety related . Treated as if it were the man who escaped abroad . Thereafter, driving license, passport areas , the population will go to work . If convicted of Safety also follow. We should be doing . Birth and death notice in cases such as go and no one to enter into a flurry . Go to notify you of population . Death made ​​even bureaucracy . My report is also close to the hospital but died in the notification e-government will do but to live their condolences . That was the old Turkey , the state would necessarily show itself , these people come to a peace . And his subordinates in the service of the people of the new state is the state , \"he said .
Davutoglu,\"in our Gendarmerie also would like to thank each . In the Gendarmerie certainly TAF gave us great service . Long time we tried the Gendarmerie as a reform of our Armed Forces at the Ministry of Interior is part of the context of military service , but performance , task distribution, registration and other issues that were already connected to the Ministry of Interior . All work will be done at the Ministry of the Interior . TSK needs of the defense industry in this period , everyone knows how much we made ​​great strides . Gendarmerie our people working more closely with our own clothes will retain decision-making . Occupational safety law would remove here, \"he said.
Then someone else's private life, about the personal data stored whether Davutoglu said no one any citizen's personal data processing and storage has the right to be voiced . Within this framework, security measures also improved voicing Davutoglu,\"without intent to commit a crime there is no space in the rush , but not to those who should know that the intention then approaching a place with Molotov cocktails will be treated with a firearm approached . I warn in advance . Meetings , demonstrations trying to get permission to take some terrorists you in their hands , Molotov cocktails the ambulance approached , if they wield a Molotov cocktail with a business located close to , if they are people in a young girl when we lost our buses approached with the terrorists treated as things and stop things . You're nobody to complain later. It is offensive that the victim's life how precious life is also so much of our precious young daughter , \"he said.

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