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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:42

Extortion Suspect Arrested for Taxi Driver Eden

Extortion Suspect Arrested for Taxi Driver Eden
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The suspects were detained in various districts of Istanbul stole various items of 8 taxi driver.

İstanbul news: Es cabbies who gathered in front of the District Police Department reacted to the robberies. Photo Edinilen ; Beyoğlu, Fatih , Ümraniye , including in Eyup district 34 THD 41 34 TBJ 12 34 TKD 48 34 THN 60, 34 TFN 08 plate wounding with cars drivers falçata , cell phone and caught the suspect Sultanbeyli who usurped their money on them. Photo Esenler District numerous taxi driver came to the Police Department , extortion be in front of his friends expressed their reactions secretariat to support the Hope Iron . Taxi drivers from the authorities to increase security measures , asked for a moment before the provision of the necessary infrastructure for the promotion of the private booths taxi driver instead of the panic button. District gathered in front of the Police Department about 30 taxi drivers , street parked their vehicles react to stimuli traffic police to withdraw from its location . Photo here who spoke on behalf of cabbies United Cabbies Association President Hussein, \"For two days we are living mugging for all of our channels . Today experienced fifth mugging . individuals we think that the same person , whereabouts or the identity are the same so tepkiliyiz . White-skinned, dirty beard, a young man of 25-30 years of 1.70 cm. our lives if they want to ensure our security do not need to adopt a separate law for us , they follow the law, which had enough. We do not want anything else we can. We want to split the vehicle. cabbie's not the only security panic buttons , we want our split instrument. \"Photo district for a while taxi drivers waiting in front of the Police Department, after learning that the suspect was caught leaving the region horn playing .

Extortion Suspect Arrested for Taxi Driver Eden" comments for.


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