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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 22:23

Exuberant in Narlıdere Bayramlaşma

Exuberant in Narlıdere Bayramlaşma
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Narlıdere Mayor Abdul Batur, together with Councillors Ataturk Cultural Center Narlıdere bayramlaştı with municipal staff in the Assembly hall .

İzmir news: Narlıdere ETCs held in the holy ceremony Narlıdere Mayor Abdul Batur , Vice President Ali Ulvi Carpenter , the CHP Narlıdere County President Jaafar Esen, municipal unit managers , city council members , village headmen and municipal staff attended.
For employees in a speech Narlıdere Mayor Abdul Batur ;'Very important steps in front of Narlıdere . Citizens'peace, comfort and standard of living that we have prepared for our projects there . Election time we promised and now we respectively . We have made a very important step for urban transformation . Development plans will be completed until Christmas . Our citizens dried from slum conditions will attain the standards of contemporary life . Narlıdere green space to meet the needs of the promised White valley project started. Soon to be submitted to the service of citizens . We have left behind choices to fulfill our promises one by one trying . Narlıdere criticized us that we have to realize that parts of the execution time is now over elections . We Narlıdere the future are shaping . \"He said .
President Abdul Batur feast program CHP Narlıdere organizations held in holy continue with , while Batur Mithatpaşa Street trades and exchanges that Narlıdereli with bayramlaştı .

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