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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:09

Eye allergies note

Eye allergies note
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Under normal conditions, which are harmless to house dust, pollen, feathers or bodies, such as the reaction by developing some of the ingredients may cause eye allergies.

performed with great care treatments for eye allergies

is of great importance in terms of health.

allergic diseases affecting the world's population, 20 percent-35 percent, is the incidence of up to 20 percent in Turkey. 70 percent of allergic eye symptoms appear. Allergic conjunctivitis (eye inflammation), and can trigger other problems, such as asthma. The combination of nasal and eye allergies are the cause of the disease known as rhinoconjunctivitis.

Acibadem Bursa Hospital Eye Diseases and Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Murat Moray, itching, watery eyes and eye allergies that cause burr formation (conjunctivitis) gave information about.

even death can be caused by uncontrolled allergic

eyes and respiratory tract he expressed in the majority of allergens in the air in contact with the Op. Dr. Murat Moray, , stating:"P , who died, molds, dust, and allergens from the air as materials such as feathers sayılabiliyor. Thus able to log in easily with the body airway, in fact, be considered as a response to foreign substances that are not harmful to are faced with. thus faced with a table It gets called an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions are not innocent at all the tables and left unchecked can result in a fatal disease. Food allergies or other reasons, such as insect stings and bites directly affect the eyes, such as allergens from the air. Some cosmetics As with antibiotic eye drops and eye allergies can occur against drugs."

need to avoid allergic substances

definite and permanent cure is not allergy allergy-causing substances Dr. attention should avoid. Moray and warned:"Ö For instance, in our fields of life, prevent the formation of excessive dust, furry animals, carpets, toys and materials away from our surroundings, to stay indoors during the pollen season, and possibly more air purifier filter systems use devices her eyes to wear wraparound sunglasses, keeping windows closed when driving; filter of simple methods, such as air-conditioning systems sayılabiliyor run."

does not know what is causing the allergy eyes away from them, or if there is no chance of stopping drug therapy should refer to explained that. Moray, gradually strengthened immune system is shot.


apply this test if you think you may be allergic to the eye.

family members have allergies?

frequent itching of the pollen season, especially in the spring eyes do you have?

Have you previously diagnosed with conjunctivitis?

Hairy Are you allergic to animals?

sneezing, coughing, tıkanıklığınızı or to take control of the nose often need to take medication do you read?

pollen season rash or itching eyes do you have?

itching or watering eyes found the use of various cosmetics?

If you answered yes to multiple questions, the eye can be allergic to. Must make an appointment with the eye doctor for advice.

Eye allergies note" comments for.


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