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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 15:25

Eye Candy for Patient Alert

Eye Candy for Patient Alert
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Eye Diseases Specialist Operator.

Samsun news: Eye Diseases Specialist Operator. Dr.. Düriye İlbag, diabetes, diabetics, so they built within a certain period of vision loss can be prevented with an eye exam, he said.
Hospitalpark Farm Hospital Ophthalmology Specialist Group of the Greater Anatolia Oper. Dr.. Düriye İlbag, diabetes patients 2 or 3 months, an eye examination should be warned that,"measures to be taken and early intervention for people with vision loss can be prevented,"he said.
Diabetes many body organs such as eyes, also stating that affect the Great Anatolia Farm Hospital Eye Diseases Specialist Operator. Dr.. Düriye İlbag,"the eye veins that occur in bleeding causing blindness can be. This sense diabetics different periods in the eye examination done needed. Diabetic eye problems, transient visual disorders, double vision, permanent visual loss as large an area is spread. Transient visual disturbances in blood sugar fluctuations bound to be seen. eye refractive this change in the person, goggles numbers as changes in the lives. Blood sugar is quite irregular goes in a patient by the way, or vice versa regular outgoing in a patient blood sugar settings serious deterioration is visible. Patients no longer a distant close glasses with can see, my glasses are not enough as with complaints income. Or is happy, glasses began to see he tells and people blood sugar irregular started to go if it ever good news if told, barely is. Either way, the blood sugar way and have a time like this after watching the new glasses prescription not always preferred or If you need a surgical operation the necessary measures should be taken in advance. these problems seem to be an expert to do our patients live and should undergo early treatment,"he said.

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