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  • 02 Ocak 2014, Perşembe 09:38

Eye Disease Eye Color Changing

Eye Disease Eye Color Changing
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Dünyagöz Adana Hospital Oper.

Adana news: Dünyagöz Adana Hospital Oper. Dr.. Competent Ozgen, fuchs disease iris color differences over the years, showing green, brown eyes, green eyes have turned blue, he said.
Ozgen said in a statement, eye color difference of the described fuchs disease, cataracts and ocular tension (glaucoma) can cause, said:"People in the eye of one side open, the other side is dark with a congenital disease is pointing. Fuchs disease called this particular syndrome open eyes by doctors innate uncomfortable eye, which is being described as"he said.
Ozgen, eye color change of the cataract and glaucoma herald pointed out that said:
"Fuchs patients, uveitis called intraocular inflammation, eye blood pressure and risk of cataract carries. one eye dark other eye open people with no symptoms, if not necessarily by a doctor monitoring is required. Fuchs disease symptoms are mild pain, watery eyes and redness olabilil is. many years never without symptoms people fuchs may be suffering from. these disease The reason is not known exactly, but the cat-dog parasites, viruses or ocular trauma that can cause disease. Disease favorite cause severe damage may not be."
Ozgen, fuchs disease, the most common complication of cataract Noting that the glaucoma less is seen, visual loss also vary according to the severity of this complication told. Resorted to cortisone in the treatment of Fuchs drop voicing Oper. Dr.. Competent Ozgen,"This drop unchecked if used glaucoma, cataracts can lead to. Therefore treat the disease side effects, considering most of the time treatment is not recommended. However severe inflammation that exacerbations carefully cortisone drops are used,"he said.

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