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  • 15 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 11:40

Eye Disorders School Success Cuts

Eye Disorders School Success Cuts
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Experts children's eye exams before starting school underscored the need to pass .

Samsun news: Experts children's eye exams before starting school underscored the need to pass .
in one of every three children in Turkey, far or near vision problems , indicating that the Dünyagöz from Samsun Oper . Dr. Someday Sönmez this case, the children's academic achievement lowers stressed.
\"In Turkey, every third one child vision problems lives. Yet families do not even realize . Families , pre-school children certainly eye examination pass must \"warning that Oper . Dr. Someday is Sönmez , distance or near vision problems in children triggers amblyopia said.
Dr. Sonmez , \"the child's visual impairment are not aware of families , children in classes lower achievement levels , learning abilities decline is connected. Yet the child's ability to learn a deficiency in , no see well because of the courses back can stay . Eye disorder unless precautions are taken , review the sloth begins , and this in the later years of the child significantly affect the quality of vision , \"he said .
if vision problems are detected early will increase the success rate of treatment expressed by Dr. Birgi Sönmezer eye disorder symptoms as follows:\"Children of the board is good enough to muster , reading, jumping the line , sentence by the hand to follow , one eye more prominent by look in a book , television closely watching , watery eyes , and therefore their homework when stress conditions such as eye disorders is a sign of . the children of such complaints observing the parents as soon as possible to an ophthalmologist to consult a good idea . early the diagnosis treatment process easily can be circumvented . \"
regular eye examinations IMPORTANT
in children at the beginning of eye diseases lazy eye , strabismus, myopia, hyperopia , and astigmatism, stating that the Oper . Dr. Birgi Sönmezer pre-school will be available with a simple eye examination, vision loss problem, which is why it could be the early detection of diseases and strabismus noted. Dr. Someday Sönmez , \"the 0-16 age group of children to protect their eyes , immediately after birth , the first year , the communication can be established and the vision can be received 2-4 years in school before the start of the school during the regular eye examination is necessary ,\"he said .

eYE disorder symptoms
Sönmezer eye is broken, how to determine about the following information:\"The eyes shift, ocular discharge , swelling . one eye by closing look , squinting look . too close reading, skipping the line , the TV monitor closely . poor performance . headache , drowsiness . head tilting to one side to look , often scratching his eyes . Infant gaze unfocused , although three months . \"

Eye Disorders School Success Cuts" comments for.


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