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  • 04 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 17:26

Eye Problems in Children Could Affect Whole Life

Eye Problems in Children Could Affect Whole Life
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Denizli State Hospital Ophthalmology Servergazi Dist.

Denizli news: Denizli State Hospital Ophthalmology Servergazi Dist. Dr. Abraham Earth, as perceived by society in infants and preschool-age children in the eye examination can not be made of the idea that it is wrong , eye problems will arise during this period of the child's whole life can adversely affect said.
eye examination period of the so-called new-born with birth begins in early infancy and throughout life should camel saying that I Uzi Ophthalmology . Dr. Abraham soil in childhood eye problems that can be corrected in a simple manner , can be detected and treated , if not lifelong problems arise that will affect people , he said. Soil , \"eye and visual system after birth is still immature and are for childhood until the end of the development continues . During this process, see the front of every kind of obstacle corrected , unless the visual system permanent failure may cause . These cases a person's social, cultural and business lives in a negative way may be affected. Visual acuity is low , strabismus and depth perception permanently distortion person's specific professional activities not leading to economic difficulties may cause . example, strabismus or amblyopia depends on depth perception is broken , say . this one's a surgeon to be is a barrier . again, depth perception license be an obstacle to be , \"he said .
school-age children's eye problems in the determination of the mother , teacher, and ophthalmologist to the crucial role explaining soil, the child will live out the problem of cultural , social and economic structures argued that adversely affect the life . Earth, \"the child's eyes is the problem in two ways we can understand . Firstly and most importantly the children's television watching closely monitor begins . The most important reason for children's television see clearly because the television or interested is because . This case there is a problem is . Secondly, With respect to the school child during the writings unable to read , school performance decline and social impairment in one eye defect as findings reflected . both cases the families and especially our teachers, visual defects and children identify and immediately with their parents by contacting the child ophthalmologist should encourage , \"he said .

Eye Problems in Children Could Affect Whole Life" comments for.


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