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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 13:28

"Eyes tearing, Eye Pressure Can Be Heralds"

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Eye Diseases Specialist Operator.

Samsun news: Eye Diseases Specialist Operator. Dr.. Düriye to İlbag, is that people sometimes watery eyes that he did not care, eye pressure may be the harbinger said.
Hospitalpark Farm Hospital Ophthalmology Specialist Group of the Greater Anatolia Oper. Dr.. Düriye to İlbag, is that some people often experience eye watering eye pressure that may be the harbinger said. Eye Diseases Specialist Operator. Dr.. Düriye İlbag on the issue as said :"D self watering the reason that they generally lacrimal drainage channel blockages in the eye, fleeing bodies, eyelid disorder on, or especially in children, glaucoma, so the eye pressure due to the elevation can be. Gynecologic examination after the eye channel formed in the congestion with treatment largely can be remedied. Advanced age and in adults is usually congestion to be seen, surgery is preferred., but eye pressure if untreated, blindness results so could lead want to express."
eye-watering treat primarily lacrimation what caused the identified should be said that the Open Eye Disease Specialist. Dr.. Düriye İlbag A,"For this, various tests performed and the foreign body, etc.., Tear duct obstruction of whether it should be checked. Especially in children, glaucoma, ie, intraocular pressure, height and tear ducts obstruction resulting from watery eyes are common. Infants tear duct blockage of generally up to 1 year opens automatically . the open canal treatment does not apply. More advanced age and in adults is usually surgery is preferred. eyes watered because the definitive diagnosis and treatment for a variety of reasons do you need to refer to a specialist,"he said.

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