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  • 03 Ocak 2014, Cuma 09:53

"Eyes"Den Brain Diseases Diagnosis

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Dünyagöz Hospital specialist Dr.

Adana news: Dünyagöz Hospital specialist Dr. Kayabaşı care, optic nerve and brain tissue of the retina is more, the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders, said that in the eyes of the model.
DR. Kayabaşı care, in the treatment of Alzheimer noting the importance of early diagnosis, family history of these disorders has suggested that those who undergo eye examination. Kayabaşı, FDA-approved device in the retina of patients with Alzheimer's plaques feature the first demonstration of the said move. Kayabaşı, optic nerve and brain tissue of the retina is more, he said. With the developing technology in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders of the eye model that expresses Get Dr. Kayabaşı, this type of damage caused in the brain of diseases in the eye told us they would be able to express itself in layers. Dr.. Care Kayabaşı, nerve cells are damaged as a result and formed a definite treatment is available Alzheimer's early diagnosis is important, he stressed.
In Alzheimer's early treatment of the disease onset can inhibit describing Kayabaşı onset of disease in cases where more light pass can be provided, said. Kayabaşı, chronic brain and eye diseases in families with a detailed examination of the need to enroll once a year, he recalled.

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