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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:50

Ezo , Elbistan Ünal touts Problems

Ezo , Elbistan Ünal touts Problems
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Elbistan Chamber of Agriculture ( EZO ) President Mehmet Ali Bulut, including agricultural county in the economic , education, and the file containing the unresolved issues in the field of transportation , the AK Party group vice president, said they Mahir Ünal has to offer.

Kahramanmaraş news: Photo of the AK Party group vice president Mahir Ünal Turkey Grand National Assembly of visiting Elbistan Chamber of Agriculture President Mehmet Ali Bulut, especially Elbistan the provinces , a university Gaining district , the dam of a file that contains 15 items , such as the completion soon offered .
Cloud President , talks in Ankara, is quite efficient and place in a positive atmosphere , he said. Elbistan's largest civil society they are trying to deal more closely with the problems of the district as one of the organization and these problems now President Bulut said they were trying to express in every platform , said the following in his statement:
\"The AK Party group vice president Mahir Ünal Bey is a man of our country . location and position of the party is located at the beginning of our politicians will initially apply to solving our county problems and troubles over the years. we have prepared this reason, a file containing a number of issues , including the issue of whether the province especially in our district and we offered him. soon about agriculture and transport , we describe the investments that we want to put into practice. he was also closely involved with us . \"Photo President Cloud , Mahir Ünal also in relation to the contents of the file that the message conveyed the following information:Photo \"Kahramanmaras ever mania we care population is not the fact that Metropolitan has enough population , our Elbistan'ı the front of the provinces have been cut . we requested to be our governor and our Elbistan signs. We want Turkey's fourth largest lowland Elbistan 3 large dams and ponds for a moment before making 2 million 500 thousand to support the direction of the transition to irrigated farming more land than per hectare . Photo Elbistan Sugar Factory of not to be customized , if necessary, privatization , giving the Elbistan farmers we declare that we are ready to partner Elbistan Chambers . Adiyaman sandy road , which continued Gölbasi beginning of Kayseri , binding Sariza a moment ago, we remind you that the desire of all Elbistanlı and we want to be in the path between Elbistan-Dare-Büyükyapalak . To shorten the distance between Ekinözü Elbistan'l Kahramanmaras , Kahramanmaras Ilica-way between our expectations that we have done indicate that large a moment ago . Elbistan-Göksun and we remind you that Elbistan-our way between Darıca need to speed up work on making double road as soon as possible . \"Photo Elbistan a university stated that the President of the cloud of the demand for the establishment , \"Police Vocational done Elbistan of High School we wanted to do the work . Of thermal power plants in the youth of this region in our district must give priority to the recruitment of thought, also expressed the opinion that we should benefit from the blessings of the people of this region attracts the burden . Diesel used by our farmers have said that it should take a more affordable price . Our farmers are forced to pay the electricity bill of the drilling are used in irrigation have stressed the need to ensure that at least a convenience to our farmers. Again , one of the most important inputs farmers fertilizer , pesticides, tractors , removal of excise taxes under the tax , including the agricultural implements other than those we have told we would expect. We remind you that not giving importance to livestock that is the end of importing countries also need to be in the exporting country , and we want to be Büyükyapalak pond with irrigation canals , \"he said .

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