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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 12:41

Face Identification System has detected PKK

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Syria Kopani in a terrorist organization Isidor and in a shootout after being wounded for treatment brought to Diyarbakir and facial recognition system PKK members who appeared to be the first person , as shipped by the judicial authorities arrested and was placed in jail .

Diyarbakır news:
Kobani'de Isidor after being wounded in a shootout with militants brought to Diyarbakir for treatment SA a person named in an investigation carried out by teams of police determined that PKK members were arrested. A survey conducted by face recognition system identified as PKK SA, followed by the Diyarbakir Security Directorate was referred to the judicial authorities in the evening . 2009 since behalf of the PKK in the countryside armed carrying out activities identified as SA, the prosecution statements taken after the arrest , demanding shipped the guard in court, \"State's unity and territorial integrity disturbing \", \"armed organization to establish and manage \"and \"Armed behalf of the organization committing crimes \"crimes arrested in Diyarbakir D Type Prison were placed .
the other hand, the day we now face recognition system is determined to be in charge of the PKK in Diyarbakir SD caught in the town of Sanliurfa Suruç wounded were taken , was arrested and jailed by the court .

Face Identification System has detected PKK" comments for.


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