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  • 09 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 12:46

Facebook and Google, agent shock!

Facebook and Google, agent shock!
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Facebook and Google, Edward Snowden documents leaked from the shocking news ...

United States , the National Security Agency Google 's, as well as Facebook 's followed by the turned out ...

broadcaster Globo TV in Brazil, the former CIA employee Edward Snowden 's based on leaked documents, Brazil's state of the United States National Security Agency NSA Petrobras oil company, Google's proprietary computer network and a company that conducts operations followed by international bank transfer claimed. Globo TV reported Petrobras, Google, and listening to the Belgium-based SWIFT company, and does not include information on the data obtained from monitoring site. The report, these three companies of computer networks, private networks, intrusion NSA training for staff in the new office allegedly used.

leaked to the media by former CIA employees, Edward Snowden NSA documents through a program called PRISM companies like Google and Facebook for all the client/user access to the information provided appeared. , the CIA, the NSA and other intelligence agencies to be on the U.S. National Intelligence Director James Klapper, organizations collecting information about financial matters and the financing of terrorism Sticky Thread"secret"that stated.

Klapper, the statement, NSA, the U.S. and its allies to create an early warning system against the international economic crisis, in order to express this kind of economic data had been collected. Globo TV, said last week another report on the issue, the U.S. intelligence agencies revealed that listening to the heads of state of Brazil, and Mexico. Brazil and Mexico, Washington demanded explanation and launched an investigation into the matter.


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