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  • 20 Eylül 2013, Cuma 10:24

Facebook 'constitutional protection like'lara

Facebook 'constitutional protection like'lara
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In its decision the court on the case filed by a user's Facebook delights. This news to Facebook 'like' family.

Hampton, Virginia, a sheriff living, competing against their boss, a candidate Facebook dismissal on the grounds favorite page and then sued.

State Judge Raymond A. Jackson, like Facebook,"the scope of the constitutional protection of freedom of expression is not enough to enter the"decided.

the unanimous Court of Appeal,"a like a political candidate's campaign page, it can support the campaign means that the candidate and approved. This is the Internet equivalent of planting a banner of your house and garden, the political community is evident from the Supreme Court on the issue"was the provision.

Judge William Traxler, provision,"the most basic level, 'which means to publish a description of beğen'butonuna şeyi'beğendiği'yönünde pressing a user, and this in itself key phrase"he explained.

the delights of Decision Facebook. The company's lawyer Pankaj Venugopal,"they like it, the Court stated on Facebook would see the scope of freedom are satisfied."he said.

Facebook 'constitutional protection like'lara" comments for.


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