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  • 26 Eylül 2013, Perşembe 09:41

Facebook has his job! Here's the end of an insult supervisor on Facebook

Facebook has his job! Here's the end of an insult supervisor on Facebook
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Facebook supervisor insulted, and was in prison as well as bread. Here's a strange story on Facebook!

the commander of the social networking site that does not allow

Facebook 83 days of military sergeant who insulted tan lay in prison, three months short received.


Ty'n sergeant's wife who lives in Gallipoli SY, Parliament raised the event . SY admitted to Parliament Petitions Committee, to suffer the penalty of imprisonment was given made tray. processing the application for the Citizen Commission requested information on the Ministry of Interior. Sent by the Ministry to report to Parliament on the issue said:

Report Statement by

"Gendarmerie Captain bs and Expert Gendarmerie 2 Sergeant tap Ö.A. by their inappropriate hitaplarda bulunulduğu facebook internet sharing site with the claim that they are working together before 1 Expert Gendarmerie TY Sergeant stage, about the petition given. As a result of the investigation of criminal activity rastlanarak 'and Imperial Subscribe to the charges of criminal file written Gallipoli on 28 April 2010 2 Corps Command sent to the Military Prosecutor's Office.

taken Revealed

2 times for the staff concerned during the investigation 'and add the charges of the indictment was issued 2 in Gallipoli Corps Command Military Court and the staff of public disclosure lawsuit was filed. about the staff as a result of the trial on 28 March 2011,"the insulting"3 months and 10 days in jail on charges of second 'Back to insult' offense was punished with 25 days in jail understood. About the staff 'Imperial insult' charges 'that prosecution is not' given to the decision of the staff shortage, has been removed from the decision date. And the staff was appointed on 4 April 2011. Fine staff, 02 October 2012 to 24 December 2012 2 of Gallipoli Corps Command Military Penal and Correctional Centre, was executed."

Facebook has his job! Here's the end of an insult supervisor on Facebook" comments for.


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