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  • 30 Ağustos 2013, Cuma 11:27

Facebook may use your personal information

Facebook may use your personal information
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Facebook users should know this information do!

Facebook , yesterday, by making changes in the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, users' social network information to him on behalf of use gave new powers. Facebook, hereinafter in order to improve users' personal information to try and use the services offered by third parties will access.

Facebook in the past, re-launch the debate seems to be frequently exposed privacy.

social media the name of the network responsible for the confidentiality Erin Egan, yesterday Statement of Rights and Responsibilities at the changes has been done. The amendments will allow Facebook to access your personal information.

The amendment will allow you to use all of your information in connection with the contents offered by Facebook. The statement made by the Company and third parties can access the information was clearly stated:

"public knowledge can be shared on social media network or service providers may allow you to gain access to information. Thus, provide services to us."


According to Reuters, an example of the , Facebook, profile photo, which is open to the public 'face recognizable in technology to' use.

of such technology, photographs can be used for other purposes beyond labeling people suggests.

VentureBeat, facial recognition profile pictures begin to cover the event, said that, you may even labeled people.

Egan, recognizable in the face of technology could not only be limited in photo tags specifying said they would inform users of the developments in this field.

Following this development, to review the privacy settings of Facebook users are falling.

Facebook may use your personal information" comments for.


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