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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 11:05

Facebook Prepares for Big Changes

Facebook Prepares for Big Changes
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Popular social network Facebook, users will begin to show video ads.

Calıfornıa news: Popular social network Facebook, users will begin to show video ads. Will begin on Thursday with the application, ads will be published automatically in the user's news source. Quiet will be published in advertisements, if the user wants to turn the sound can be. Advertising
yet there is no information about the duration of the video. In the U.S. media published the news in recent months, which may be shown ads on smartphones, had suggested that no more than 15 seconds in length. One of the first to be released video ads, Lions Gate film company's new film"Divergent"will be in the promotional trailer.
Facebook video ad to be published was a project being worked on for a long time. Even some companies, advertising videos has prepared in advance, but Facebook users react on the grounds that the project was postponed. Software engineers on Facebook for a while, the ads were working on ways to speed up the installation. Video advertising project began testing last week, and some users report was made to the source video ads. Smart phone users are considering Facebook ads, has just announced that it will broadcast a wireless connection is turned on.
Facebook how to generate revenue from these ads unknown. However, according to U.S. media reports, the company, between the ages of 18-54 of ads delivered to users in exchange for all worldwide, plans to request $ 2 million per day.

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