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  • 20 Eylül 2013, Cuma 12:11

Facebook shock threat:'Complete switch off'

Facebook shock threat:'Complete switch off'
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Facebook social network shutdown message. Here are the cause of the alert ...

Russia from Facebook warning came off the social network. Commenting on the issue of mass communication and media monitoring agency Roskomnadzor Russian President Vladimir Pikov, Facebook said that they put blacklisted due to tobacco advertisements that mix.

Facebook administrators to remove this ad from the site announced Head for 3 days and acquaintances bulunduklarını Roskomnadzor pointing "Facebook's request came about 10 of us to be blacklisted. most of it turned back, but the ads associated with a mixture of tobacco, including 3-request sent to an expert's examination. Wherein eliminate existing violations Facebook raised, but the third request, the link list (blacklist) was made." he said.

Press Bureau of the Russian news agencies

with Facebook currently do not have any information regarding the site has been blocked, the statement noted.

ad in question, some internet users had been identified on September 16. Commenting on the issue Roskomnadzor, going to block access to the site had warned that in case of verification of claims. Russia's federal anti-monopoly Service (FAS) said the ad would sue Facebook for violating the law.

Facebook, then shut down the warnings stated that ad link.

Russia in March Facebook suicide due to the writings of the calls made kapatacaklar warning. Warning, then social networking site removed the papers.

the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament, the Duma issued according to the new law, sex, drugs, suicide, and extremist content sites where the court by Roskomnadzor be closed without a decision.

Facebook shock threat:'Complete switch off'" comments for.


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