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  • 28 Ağustos 2013, Çarşamba 09:50

Facebook users pay compensation!

Facebook users pay compensation!
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Facebook, information used without permission for 15 to approximately 614 thousand dollars in compensation to pay.

150 million Facebook 's names and photos"sponsored stories"were also used.

However, only in the beginning of this year, will receive compensation from respondents to the email sent by Facebook.

Facebook is a part of the compensation to be paid 20 million dollars, organizations will defend the rights of privacy.

your Company announced that it is satisfied with the agreement.

after the case opened in 2011 by five Facebook Ameririka the amount of damages the court approved in the United States.

"Sponsored stories", Facebook ads on the pages of users consists of colleagues favorite products.

loss of advertising did not see '

Judge Richard Seeborg, but it is not a large sum of $ 15 per person, Facebook's law"is an indisputable violation of the"connected to the said provision.

to prove the judge also stated that the applicants have been harmed by the advertisement.

According to the court

Facebook, 150 million people,"appreciation"by using the profit of approximately $ 73 million .


Facebook users pay compensation!" comments for.


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