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  • 12 Eylül 2013, Perşembe 12:13

Facebook went through the roof!

Facebook went through the roof!
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Peaked in the social networking site Facebook. Here is the place where history to reach the summit of Facebook ...

The world's most popular social networking platform Facebook

, since its IPO last May in 2012 Join reaching the summit of the highest level ever seen made.

Facebook shares offered to the public in May 2012 at $ 38, an increase of 3 percent yesterday , the opening of the stock market to $ 45.03, the highest level seen since rose.

Facebook IPO shares at $ 38 increased to 45 dollars only a few minutes the first day of after the disappointment of the investors that make up a large decline in passed.


shares for $ 17.73, the lowest level seen in September of 2012, the decline, the company's CEO Mark Zuckerberg 's first investors meeting took place in a difficult position left.

recent years by focusing on smart phones and tablet computers, applications, a considerable increase ad revenue derived Facebook, on expectations of a balance sheet published.

Facebook, the 2 nd quarter earnings of 1.81 billion dollars, 41 per cent said it had obtained a portion of the mobile advertising revenues.

known as the most popular social networking platform Facebook is about 820 million total users.

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