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  • 15 Aralık 2013, Pazar 17:11

Facial Palsy Symptoms

Facial Palsy Symptoms
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Romatem Neurology Specialist in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Dr.

Samsun news: Romatem Neurology Specialist in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital Dr. Text Güzelcik, facial paralysis associated with the disease were found in the description.
information about symptoms and treatment for facial paralysis, which Dr Neurology. Text Güzelcik, facial paralysis, difficulty in closing the eyes, the mouth of the shift, so symptoms such as numbness and taste of the disorder, he said. Dr.. Güzelcik,"facial paralysis, the rim on one side, shifting close eye on the challenges, so drowsiness and taste the disorder as manifestations of a disease. Disease brain stem starting from the ear where the bones within the structure after watching the behind the ear of his hole exit face crumbling facial nerve is called nerve disease. facial nerve laugh, we cry, we frowning, enabling us to face the facial muscles, tears, saliva glands and send alerts as also our language front of the sense of taste in the area nervous,"he said.
facial nerve within about 10 thousand pieces of fiber that Dr. reminding. Text Güzelcik,"our face to the right and to the left mountains of the two facial nerves are, and each of the facial nerve within about ten thousand pieces of fiber. These fibers seven thousand one hundred muscles while going about three thousand units in tears, saliva glands and taste goes to. nerve is affected parties taken in the creases disappear, the patient eyebrow can not afford the eyelids can not close, laughing movement while his mouth to the other party registration notice. while drinking water from the lips of water is poured and taste is impaired. facial paralysis, the biggest problem the eyelids, the closure defects and tears decrease in the secretion resulting eye dryness and then may develop an eye inflammation. This is why eye protection, a sterile drape with eye closure and artificial tears if necessary, antibiotic ointment or drops are used is important,"he said.
facial paralysis disease healing process Referring Güzelcik ,"facial paralysis, improvement in nerve affected by the degree of fifteen days to eighteen months vary. healing process longer of the facial muscles melts may occur. facial paralysis, early treatment to begin nerve injury as reduce recovery time shortens. Facial palsy is diagnosed uncontested high-dose cortisone next in physical therapy should be started immediately. physical therapy be started at an early dissolution of the facial muscles and thus may prevent permanent damage may occur,"he said.

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