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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:54

Fake Currency Operation in Sandıklı

Fake Currency Operation in Sandıklı
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Afyonkarahisar boxes County Police Department stopped on suspicion by teams in an automobile, a lot of fake Swiss francs with fake old German Mark cut yellow paper banknotes size , cannabis, unlicensed shotgun and ammunition were seized.

Afyonkarahisar news: About the incident captured two people were arrested by the court were removed. Photo Acquired Public Security Bureau teams according to the information , ECE Quarter Mimar Sinan Street on suspicion on that in 3 men and 1 woman found 20 AR 868 plate stopped the car. During the investigation , the persons named in the vehicle HA and AAO , the Sandıklı in 5 separate incidents of fraud understood that Frank sought as fugitive suspects. Persons taken into custody were identified by the complainant Ö.A . The calls made to the vehicle , a large amount of fake Swiss Franc, fake old German Mark a quantity of cannabis with cut yellow paper banknotes size , unlicensed shotgun were seized from the cartridges of belonging to this weapon. Photo suspects AAO HA , after the transactions were brought to the Public Prosecutor boxes . Here , the suspects were referred to court arrest request , arrested were placed in boxes Closed Prison. The other 2 people captured in Photo Tools released, the suspects , \"We have old German Mark , we have brought the exchange from Germany, it's half the price you sell my \"he learned that trick citizens .

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