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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 11:34

Fake Ptt'ci to Watch

Fake Ptt'ci to Watch
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Karacabey Directorate of PTT , PTT cargo or shipments such as EMS introducing themselves as officials warned citizens against leaving people with fake documents to households in exchange for money .

Bursa news: Photo PTT Karacabey Manager Turcan Dursun, the cargo distribution in the district, Ellis said that by Yilmaz is official, \"PTT under the name of our people against those who want to make cargo fraud with fake documents to get care. Our citizens , our institution cargo officer're making money taking anything from anyone except Ellis Yilmaz \"he said. Photo particularly that experienced in metropolitan cities such fraud, but Dursun emphasizing the need to be careful in the Karacabeyli , \"recently metropolis in our citizens with itself PTT introducing officer as some people have some act of fraud was detected gained unfair income . have nothing to do with our Agency said subject persons, citizens , home to gradually or by telephone to reach their PTT officials as posts they make on behalf of our and the so-called organization they introduce (cargo , such as the ENP) has been understood that handed the money by organizing a fake receipt. \"he said. Dursun manager who asked them to check from the shipping documents on their behalf regarding PTT of Photo citizens , \"even though they have nothing to do with our company itself PTT from the address identifying it as a servant and alleged payment terms in return for a wage value of our citizens against fraudsters who want to deliver the shipment PTT we want to be more careful. our people if introducing himself as PTT personnel of the person who is alleged cargo ask the PTT ID , they demand a shipment is by taking delivery of the posts to check the document on that package being and suspicious circumstances Karacabey County we want to apply to either our institution Police Department. overlooking the name of our staff within the PTT cargo distribution Emrah Yılmaz , \"he said .

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