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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 18:25

Fakıbaba President, Bread for the cancellation of the hike was

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Şanlıurfa Mayor Dr.

Şanlıurfa Mayor Dr. Ahmet Ashraf Fakıbaba, the governor sent a paper, bakers Room Presidency bread hike in the revocation of the wanted.
Şanlıurfa Municipality of Legal Affairs Directorate post November 27, 2013 dated objection letter hike in tariff cancellation was requested. Şanlıurfa Mayor Dr. Ahmet Ashraf Fakıbaba sent with the signature of the paper, the implementation of the hike was transferred to be legal and lawful.
Chamber of Bakers Presidency of the hike inflation figures for being on time objected to the decision noted that President Fakıbaba,"Bakers president of the Chamber of November 1, 2013 date, and 2013/72 dated writings have claimed their fair consideration November 20, 2013 the union board at the meeting held 2013/28 The decision in the following way decisions are taken. Lipper pita bread 160 g 0, 60 £, to out Pier 150 g 0, 60 £, loaf of bread and all kinds of 250 g 0, 80 € as is deemed appropriate. however, the regulation of Article 7,"Municipalities or the location's property administrative authority, by chambers detected tariff approval they and other room disagree if they decide in writing reported within 15 days from the date the property may appeal to the administrative authority"provision bears. According to this provision, the legal right to appeal against the decision to use the time as we want,"he said.

Fakıbaba President, Bread for the cancellation of the hike was" comments for.


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